Lighting ideas for your Home

Lighting can transform any space from a pedestrian room to something completely different and, often, quite beautiful. The array of lights to choose from these days is growing every day and designers have better and brighter ideas constantly.

Of course, there’s an interesting association with lighting fixtures at this time of the year; with Christmas nearly here, many streets in Australia are lit up for permanent noon, with flashing Christmas lights galore. While these can be fun and often hilarious, this is not what we’re looking at.

Lights can set the mood in a room, so it’s important to choose the right colour bulb for the right room. This can range from atmospheric purposes – you want brighter lights in the kitchen, but probably more yellow lighting in the lounge area, to functional purposes – a bright yellow light is best for the room where you do your makeup.

Additionally, lights carry the theme of the home across into the ceiling – if your home is a more traditional Victorian style, then sleek LED fittings might look a little odd. As will contemporary style pendant lights. However if your home is modern, especially if it has the strong open plan entertainment set up, these LED fittings can be your best friend. Just take a look at the beautiful range of LEDs there are on offer these days…

Eyeleds LED lighting home area design ideas

Additionally, in this day and age it’s very important to consider the energy usage of the light bulbs you choose; energy saving bulbs are pretty common, and will benefit you and your energy bill in the long run. As energy saving bulb last up to 6 times as long as the traditional bulbs, you won’t have to change them as often, which is a relief for those out of reach spots.

There are a lot of gorgeous designs available too. From just doing a quick look through any modern lighting store and you can see the sheer range of traditional, odd and contemporary lights available, from sleek pendants to eccentric chandeliers. If you’re into the more cool and sometimes crazy designs, there is a lot of choice out there…

Z Two Lights Lighting designs ideas chandeliers LED

All in all though, it comes down to what suits your home. And those themselves come in many different shapes and sizes. Check out a range of lighting providers at Complete Home.

The Complete Home bloggers will be taking a short break over Christmas, and I certainly will be back in the New Year on January 10th. We wish all our readers a wonderful holiday period and a fabulous New Year, and we look forward to bringing you all the events, designs and ideas in 2013.

PS. For more great lighting ideas, we find Pinterest to be one of the coolest places around. Check out our boards for more inspiration

REAL RENOVATION: African Serengeti apartment


This apartment’s interior brings the wonders of the African Serengeti to the heart of Melbourne’s CBD.




In the heart of the South Bank, hidden away on the 31st floor of a city high-rise, lies Melbourne’s answer to an African safari. Before this apartment’s transformation, it housed 70 square metres of plain, neutral-toned space. The client, a well-travelled executive with a deep passion for Africa, sought to transform this humdrum, everyday apartment into a wild, untamed haven.

Despite the apartment’s small size, interior designer Amgad Kamel worked alongside builder George De Pellegrin to create an African-inspired retreat for the client. “The client brief was very specific and challenging, and different to anything I had done before,” says Amgad. “He wanted to create a special interior that exudes an East African environment. It had to combine special materials and finishes from different parts of the world, while remaining sophisticated and inviting.”

The original layout of the one-bedroom apartment was simple, with a kitchen, bathroom and living area. Its most interesting aspect was the spectacular views of the Yarra. Clearly inspired by his travels, the client shared his vision with Amgad and this allowed the interior designer to flex his creative muscle with no limitations. “The design consideration started with intensive collaboration between the owner and the designer to convert a pleasant apartment into an exotic retreat, creating space that is very different from conventional trends,” Amgad explains.

With most of the décor sourced from around the globe (more than 14 countries), the apartment boasts eclectic styles with different features and textures. Every corner of the dwelling boasts wild animal prints and patterns. A variety of animal-print wallpaper lines the area and encapsulates an array of wildlife. The spectacular jet-black crocodile-motif Caesarstone kitchen benchtop and the ebony-toned cabinetry by New Age Veneers are central features to the living area and integrate with the theme.

The bathroom carries the animal motif to another level. To reflect the client’s love of African fauna, an assortment of different prints and textures was applied. The bathroom, which boasts tiger-print ceramic tiles, is home to a variety of unusual features that assimilate effectively — a shrine to the wonders of the African landscape. The unique faux cobra-skin basin sits on dark wooden cabinetry with mother-of-pearl horned handles sourced from India. The black antler shower head is sourced from the Milan Fair and truly captures the remarkable visions of the client and Amgad. The client’s passion is also seen in the leopard print glass panelling, custom made with 3D glass décor in southern China.

The Serengeti theme flows through to the living room and master bedroom, creating a feeling of interconnectedness. The warm tones of the handmade bark coverings — a particularly special addition imported from Namibia — add depth and feeling to the rooms. To further heighten the animal theme, the giraffe skin rugs and dyed cowhide upholstery all contribute to the warmth and sophistication of Amgad’s vision. The impala and lioness mounts are incredible additions to the living room; both were sourced by the client and have CITES and AQIS permits.

Warmth and light were vital in this project to highlight the apartment’s features. The warm tones of the Belgian Makassar ebony floors, combined with the brilliant electric fireplace, add a touch of elegance while lighting by Mondoluce is simplistic yet sophisticated, increasing the décor’s impact.

The client’s eccentricity and Amgad’s creativity and skill as an interior designer have produced an inimitable piece of art. While the main challenges of the project were sourcing authentic and unique pieces for the theme, Amgad remains confident that this is one of his best designs to date.

“The owner’s clear and detailed imagination, plus access to unique materials globally, gave me an opportunity to really create a completely distinct, one-of-a-kind interior,” he says. “It was as challenging as it was professionally satisfying.”

This tribal environment provides the perfect escape from the commotion of the city.


This apartment was designed by…

Suite 6, 272 Pacific Highway, Crows Nest NSW 2065
02 9629 7815

By Caitlin Chander
Photography by Andrew Lecky 
From Luxury Kitchens & Bathrooms 11

REAL HOME: Hamptons inspired

Inspired by the breathtaking structures of seaside resort The Hamptons, this residence exudes an upmarket yet understated sense of casual living.



hampton_L3A0203 hampton_L3A0287

hampton_L3A0254     hampton_L3A0172

MAIN hampton _L3A0289

The brief for this new display home was clear — “to recreate the look of a place in The Hamptons” — and the project quickly became a truly exciting venture for the professionals at Charleston Homes.

Charleston’s vision was to create a bespoke home that stands out from the rest. The classic contemporary design with imposing façade features five bedrooms including master with ensuite, three-and-a-half bathrooms, casual and formal living spaces, timber staircase, fireplace and a large gourmet kitchen. This residence created an opportunity for the designers at Charleston to showcase their creativity and skill.

Charleston wanted a home where the exterior and interior intertwine to provide a seamless flow between inside and out. This enhances the relationship between each setting, encapsulating the essence and style of The Hamptons.

The home’s spacious interior houses a master suite on the ground level, while the remaining bedrooms are placed on the upper level. These upper-level bedrooms share a living area and several ensuite bathrooms elegantly appointed with Villeroy & Boch fittings.

As you step into the foyer, it is clear the house exudes a special ambience. The extravagant six-metre-high coffered ceiling centres above a void over the main living area, allowing for bursts of light to flow beyond the entry to other areas of the house. With timber treads and glazed black-and-white chequered porcelain flooring, the interior guides you into the enormous bespoke kitchen and living space. Large glass windows and beautiful French doors open up the home to create a light-filled interior.

One of the home’s most delightful spaces is the cosy yet huge family and kitchen area. The space feels like home and is extremely comfortable. It opens to the outside through vast sliding doors onto the huge timber entertaining deck, an area that is both functional and beautiful.

Externally, the house had to recreate the grandeur and luxury of The Hamptons. The external rendering creates a striking façade and adds to the structure’s ambience. Extravagant landscaping creates an outdoor haven, while the decking increases the home’s magnificence. The extensive timber deck is shaded by alfresco roofing, creating an effective family and entertaining area.

“Charleston has never been a company to follow market trends,” commented Managing Director Tiho Bacic. “We stand on our own and pride ourselves on being leaders in design, thinking outside the box and giving our clients something unique that they can be proud of.

“The process of designing a new display home is not considered lightly by Charleston. It’s a long process, taking many factors into consideration, before a design can be brought to life. All facets of design are handled in-house — from initial sketches to architectural drawings, construction and selection of materials through to interior design and landscaping. It’s a labour of love nurtured from concept to completion. The result is a home that we are very proud to put the Charleston name to.”

Thanks to the team at Charleston, the home’s lasting finishes and stylish features will no doubt create a special retreat for all who visit this luxurious home. With generous space and plenty of room to entertain, this residence has all the appointments and finishes reflective of its inspiration.


This home was built by…

PO Box 146, Horsley Park NSW 2176
02 9620 0000

DISPLAY HOME: Homeworld V, Windsor Road, Kellyville NSW 2153
02 9629 5794

Photography by Marian Riabic
From Luxury Kitchens & Bathrooms magazine 11

Geometric splashback

With its elegant yet striking geometry, Vista from Southern Cross Splashbacks is a great way to give a new kitchen a designer edge.

SouthernCrossCeramics2.1   SouthernCrossCeramics2.2   SouthernCrossCeramics2.3

Available in a wide range of stunning colours from neutrals to brights; finding the perfect match for any surface treatment is easy. Vista’s lightly rippled surface is glossy Murano glass — as robust as it is beautiful and so easy to clean when finished with stain-proof epoxy grout. Featured above is Driftwood, one of 75 colours to choose from, in format three.

The beautiful range of colours available includes rich reds, uplifting oranges, lively greens, punchy greys, neutrals, black and white. With interactive design tools to help you envisage your new kitchen space, the Southern Cross Splashbacks website is a good place to start your research.

The site offers a “product visualiser”, a simple five-step selection tool to aid your design process. To see the real thing, the company’s Mulgrave showroom boasts a wide selection of splashbacks, teamed with complementary benchtops and cabinets. Their fully-trained and friendly staff are there to advise. Southern Cross Splashbacks prides itself on producing high-quality, beautiful glass splashbacks.

All products are made to order in Mulgrave, Victoria, with short lead times and prompt delivery. Take advantage of their full installation service for a superb result.

Southern Cross Splashbacks
28 Dunlop Road, Mulgrave Vic 3170
Phone (03) 9535 5252
Fax (03) 9561 9900
Open Mon-Sat 8.30am–5.30pm

Kitchen accessories: Splashback variety

Custom-made splashbacks to enhance your kitchen

SouthernCrossCeramics1.1 SouthernCrossCeramics1.3


Made with Italian Murano glass, a splashback from Southern Cross Splashbacks is a great way to infuse your kitchen with contemporary colour and style.

Offered in a comprehensive range of stunning colours, the connectable surfaces add a designer edge to any home. The splashbacks are light-reflective and easy to clean thanks to 100 per cent stain-proof grout. They only require hot, soapy water for maintenance, so no more harsh chemicals in the cleaning cupboard. Featured is the Matrix splashback in Lipstick, one of 70 colours to choose from, in format 12.

The watery-looking surface allows light to illuminate colour from beneath the glass. The spectrum of colours available includes rich reds, an uplifting orange, lively greens, punchy greys, neutrals and a rich black. With interactive design tools to help you envisage your new kitchen space, the Southern Cross Splashbacks website is a good place to start your research.

The site offers a product visualiser, a seven-step selection tool to aid your design process. For a more hands-on experience, the company’s Mulgrave showroom exhibits the full product range, with helpful staff on-hand to guide your selections. Southern Cross Splashbacks prides itself on producing high-quality, beautiful glass splashbacks.

All products are made to order in Mulgrave, Victoria, with short lead times, prompt delivery and a full installation service is available.

Designer details
Southern Cross Splashbacks
28 Dunlop Road, Mulgrave Vic 3170
Phone (03) 9535 5252
Open 8.30am to 5.30pm Monday to Saturday

Hygiene-sensitive Bathroom Paint

Mouldshield and anti-bacterial technology — just what you want in hygiene-sensitive areas

   Dulux5.2   Dulux5.3   Dulux5.4

When choosing paint for your new kitchen or bathroom, it’s important to select a product that will deliver superior washability and stain resistance. New Dulux Wash & Wear® Kitchen & Bathroom paint not only delivers superior washability, but is moisture-, mould- and bacteria-resistant, featuring mouldshield and anti-bacterial technology. It’s also scuff-proof and available in a range of colours that are perfect for kitchens and bathrooms.

Dulux Wash & Wear® is an Eco Choice® paint, which is your guarantee that the products are friendlier for our environment and your family. All Eco Choice® paints are low in VOCs (volatile organic compounds), so they create less air pollution and odour.

Once you have chosen your paint, the next step is to select your colours. Choosing the perfect colour is never easy, so it’s wise to get expert help. The best place to start is a colour brochure and colour chips from your local paint shop or hardware store. Dulux has a fantastic range of colours and provides colour schemes to help find the perfect complement of colours for your home. Remember that colours can look different in all shades of light, so make sure you look at your chosen colour at various times of the day. Use sample pots to test your selection on a few different walls.

Phone 13 25 25

Making the Jump: Tips For Settling Abroad, Part II

So you’ve accepted a position and you’re ready to move overseas. Whether you’re headed to Abu Dhabi or New York, Hong Kong or Sao Paulo, here are some tips to help you make a smooth transition into your new home:


(4)          Get the lay of the land.


Each city you go to is a whole new world, and while it’s tempting to stick to the highlights in the guidebook, you’ll gain more knowledge and perspective on your new home by simply taking a map (or not!) and going out exploring. This means walking around, a lot. It means riding the subway or the bus until you know the routes and become adept at navigating the system. It means knowing where the nearest bank is, and where you can find vegemite or peanut butter when you get a craving for a taste of home. If you’re moving to a city with known security issues like Johannesburg or Manila, learn “no-go” areas from a local before you go out exploring.


(5)          Learn the language.


It’s not necessarily to be fluent, but knowing the basics like numbers, please and thank you, and hello and goodbye will make navigating your daily life in a new country considerably more stress-free. If the language is written in a non-Roman script, try to learn the fundamentals as soon as possible to prevent unfortunate mix-ups – even which bathroom to go to can be a major issue if you’re illiterate! Remember that other English-speaking countries may also have speech quirks that you’re unfamiliar with, so don’t presume that there will be no learning curve.


(6)          Eat everything.

For most of us, food is overwhelmingly the easiest way into a new culture. You might struggle with the language in Sichuan, for example, but you’re likely to fall quickly in love with spicy Sichuan hot-pot. Likewise, eating is a practice that unites people the world over, so sharing a meal with work colleagues or new acquaintances is generally an all-around win. Most of all, opening your mouth to new foods is a great way of showing openness to your host culture – so whether you’re sampling chicken feet in China, fertilized duck eggs in the Philippines, or barbequed stingray in Singapore, adventurous eating seldom goes amiss.


In the end, your new home is what you make of it. Taking your life abroad might seem like a big step at first, but with a little patience, curiosity and humour, you’ll hit the ground running.

Black white and bright kitchen

Dark and dreary be gone – this two-tone kitchen is now all about a modern, clean, light and bright aesthetic

Rosemountkitchens1.1   Rosemountkitchens1.2   Rosemountkitchens1.3

Looking at this stunning new kitchen it’s hard to believe it was once home to black laminate cupboards and black laminate benchtops with timber edging. Not surprisingly, these aspects made the room feel dark and closed in — not the look any homeowner wants or aspires to.

The owners dreamed of a modern, clean and bright kitchen, maximising space in the corners and using drawers where possible. They had two blind corners and knew this meant a loss of valuable storage space, so they wished to utilise the corners the best way they could.

“They wanted to create a room that they could use for their family and also for entertaining,” says designer David Slade. Also, the design and concept of their new kitchen needed to fit in with the modern style of their home: clean lines, flat two-pack high-gloss doors, stone benchtops and modern accessories were to be incorporated.

Using the main footprint of the kitchen (as it did not need to be altered) and adding functionality and accessibility have changed the whole feel of the room. Adding mirrored splashbacks brings the outdoors in and provides balance to the clean white lines for the kitchen/family room.

Catering to the clients’ storage needs is a LeMans corner unit and pantry with internal drawer systems. Other special design features that have totally updated the space include a Häfele environmental Cargo bin, undermount sinks, an internal sink drawer, undercabinet halogen lighting and soft- and self-closing doors and drawers.

“This new modern kitchen has become the main focal point of the home where the owners can prepare family meals as well as entertain for special occasions,” says David.

The kitchen is now an absolute pleasure to work in or just simply be in.

Designer details
The kitchen was designed by David Slade and built by Rosemount Kitchens
Address 9 Waverley Road, Malvern East Vic 3145
Phone(03) 9572 4805
Photography Eddy Khayat, Liquid Photography

Cabinetry and panels Two-pack painted Dulux Vivid White with gloss finish
Internal hardware Blum Tandembox drawers; Blum soft-close hinges on all drawers, internal drawers and doors; LeMans corner unit, Häfele Cargo bin
Benchtop Caesarstone 40mm Pure White
Splashback Mirrors
Kickboards Painted Dulux Vivid White gloss
Lighting Halogen low-voltage downlights

Oven Miele
Cooktop/hotplate Miele
Rangehood/canopy Qasair undermount
Dishwasher Fully integrated
Refrigerator GE
Sink Franke undermount


Mocha toned project

Many of the things you don’t actually see are what make this kitchen special to the owners

kitchensvictoria7.1 kitchensvictoria7.2


“They wanted a very practical, user-friendly design, tailored to their love of cooking and entertaining. This includes the walk-in pantry for loads of storage, the integrated microwave, twin slide-out bins and soft-close drawers so the kids don’t break the crockery. A favourite feature is the slide-out chrome baskets either side of the stove, which hold all the herbs, spices and sauces the family use to cook up their favourite Thai food. The stove, with wok burner of course, is the focal point of the space, while the rangehood was concealed so it doesn’t detract from the streamlined look of the white gloss cupboards and frosted glass feature doors that are dedicated to glassware. The timber-look cabinet at the end of the island bench is the secret stash for the cocktail bar. The Shitake Caesarstone forms part of a thoughtful mix of neutral, mocha and earthy tones and finishes used throughout the home for continuity in colour and design.” Designer: Caroline Brown for Kitchens Victoria


Cabinet doors Vinyl Guilford Alabaster gloss and Grey Oak Natura (feature cabinet), brushed stainless-steel frosted glass feature doors
Internal hardware Soft-close drawers, Häfele twin slide-out waste disposal system, slide-out chrome baskets
Benchtop Caesarstone with mitred edge in Shitake
Handles 7039 Series brushed nickel flat bow
Splashback 300mm x 100mm gloss tiles in Biscuit
Kickboards Brushed stainless steel
Flooring 400mm x 400mm Luxe tiles in Mocha
Lighting Downlights, under cabinet
Oven/cooktop Arc 900mm stainless-steel professional cooking centre
Rangehood Arc 900mm integrated
Dishwasher Arc stainless-steel freestanding
Sink Arc 1 ¾ stainless-steel bowl
Taps Gooseneck mixer



Resort inspiration in this new home design

A request for an elegant home for a busy family spawned this modern design

GremmoHomes.8.1   GremmoHomes.8.2   GremmoHomes.8.3

There’s never a dull moment at this resort-inspired dwelling in Sydney’s Hills district. The client’s desire to escape the hustle and bustle of a busy city life inspired Gremmo Homes to produce a distinctive abode that ticks all the boxes.

A quick glance at the house and you’re instantly drawn to the abundance of space. It’s a stand-out feature that has allowed the project to mould into a luxurious retreat boasting entertaining features to satisfy any social family. With expansive flowing spaces, it promotes harmonious fun and relaxation in the one stylish hub.

The design capitalises on its surrounding qualities and oozes contemporary living. The five-bedroom, three-bathroom home is worked in an open-plan style that masterfully integrates with its outdoor oasis and features. To achieve this, the original house was carefully demolished and the timber cladding, framework, and roof timbers salvaged to be used in the new building. “The concept was to design and build a beautiful residence with sustainable materials and energy-efficient elements,” notes Richard Gremmo.

Luxury fittings are peppered throughout the structure, which boasts innovative environmental design. The home’s glazing uses either “hush” glass or thermal comfort qualities depending on its arrangement and location. A 9.9kW photovoltaic system has been installed to help with energy conservation and a 20,000L underground water tank captures the rain, which reticulates to the washing machine, toilets, and external taps.

The relaxed interior features plenty of space for socialising; it’s finished with a neutral palette that’s dotted with bursts of moody-hued accessories to create warmth. The sophisticated space was constructed to exude a homely feel by using natural materials that produce variations in texture. “Recycled timber flooring, random quartz stone cladding, and honed travertine help soften the expansiveness of the home,” says Richard.

The kitchen reflects modern minimalist design at its best. White wall surfaces and stone benchtops are offset by the reflective mirrored splashback and custom-designed metal bulkhead. It’s a sleek and stylish finish that plays with texture. The island bench complements the family’s needs, along with a large concealed pantry, Smeg appliances, and European tapware.

The crowning glory of this immaculate home is undoubtedly the outdoor area. You’d be forgiven for thinking you were stepping into a holiday resort in this dreamy space. It’s been designed to accommodate a growing family and caters beautifully for entertaining. The alfresco area captures a bushland vista while maintaining a private, yet expansive pool and entertaining core. This central focus is a beacon for fun in the sun, with a complementing outdoor kitchen that features high-end appliances. It’s the perfect hot spot to entertain guests or relax, with a glorious swim-up bar in the pool and timber-decked pods that are perfect for a lazy summer day.

A feature pond with ambient lighting and organic quartz stone cladding is an added touch of resort-inspired design. Honest materials such as recycled timber decking and lush green plants, including the two statement Phoenix palms, complement the modern exterior.

At the end of the day, this home is a great example of modern style meets rustic nature. Gremmo Homes has enabled the two opposing elements to become one, bringing to life a luxurious family dwelling that boasts contemporary flair framed by a fascinating raw backdrop.

Gremmo Homes

PO Box 6420, Baulkham Hills
Business Centre, Baulkham Hills, NSW 2153
Tel 02 9629 9509

Photography Ian Mainsbridge