A New Generation of Linear Shower Drains from Aquabocci


Aquabocci Is Building A Market With A New Generation Of Linear Shower Drains.

Bathrooms are a sanctuary and are often the pinnacle of what happens when great design meets superb function. There’s one detail that can let even the most glorious bathroom down though and that’s drainage. While stylish design and drainage aren’t words you typically put together, we think linear shower drains from Aquabocci are about to change all that. These thoughtfully designed clever bits of kit are the ideal way to include an essential function in a stylish manner.

Why Drainage Is So Important

No matter how perfect your fixtures and fittings or how on-point your taps and door handles, if your drainage isn’t up to scratch, your bathroom just won’t be the sanctuary you want it to be. As well as being damp and dangerous underfoot, excess water could collect in inefficient drains which would lead to a less than fragrant environment.

As well as aesthetic and sensory effects, poor drainage could have an impact on the very fabric of the room – poorly divested water could seep into cracks and crevices and cause unseen but long-term damage. Functional drainage is an essential part of planning any new bathroom.

A New Generation of Linear Shower Drains from Aquabocci

Can Good Drainage really Be Stylish?

Traditional drainage is built with pure functionality in mind. Often water would head to a small central point, leading to pooling or wet spots in places too. Where older style strip drains have been used, they can create an unsightly feature or even a trip hazard.

Aquabocci Are Different

Aquabocci are fast becoming a name synonymous with sleek design and optimum functionality and their innovative linear shower drains are no exception. Products like Aquabocci’s S66 Slimline drain that work with any design scheme. They will blend with any type of tiling and can be customised to work with almost any shape or style of shower enclosure.

Led By Design, Formed By Function

Aquabocci have taken steps to enhance design possibilities and give options that mean your shower drain will simply blend with your overall scheme, rather than standing out as a purely functional piece. For those who have chosen traditional chrome style fixings, the GT silver is an obvious choice whilst the warm tones of their champagne finish works beautifully with calm neutral colour schemes. If you’ve embraced the growing trend for black fixtures and rich jewel tones then the titanium or black finish is the ideal choice.

Design choice doesn’t stop at colour either. As well as the more familiar sleek blade style, seen in something like the Blade Shower Kit, Aquabocci have created the attractive Ribbon linear shower drain. This design does something entirely different in that it creates a feature from something that is traditionally hidden. It has all the same functions as a blade style design but with a little extra panache.

Aquabocci Shower Drains Work

Aquabocci have designed their linear shower drains to work with almost any type of tile or stone flooring. Easy to install, the strips can be cut to size, and the low profile design ensures no risk of trips or impediment to those who use mobility aids or wheelchairs. Choosing a strip design means that floor gradient can be more uniform in that it only needs to go in one direction, making things safer underfoot. The low profile design means that the drain is almost imperceptible, even to bare feet, making your shower experience altogether more enjoyable.

Long Lasting Good Looks

The nature of a shower drain means it needs to stand up to a fair bit of punishment and when they’re such an integral part of your overall look, you need to be sure that the good looks you fell in love with will stand the test of time.

Aquabocci linear shower drains are crafted from anodised aluminium. This means Aquabocci can offer a substantial ten-year guarantee against corrosion, rust or damage from salt or chlorine. To help you keep everything flowing smoothly as well as looking chic, Aquabocci have developed a special lifting tool that allows to easily remove the grate for essential cleaning and maintenance.

A New Generation of Linear Shower Drains from Aquabocci

Discover The Aquabocci Difference

Aquabocci have truly captured the essence of excellent architectural design. In elevating the humble shower drain to be a piece that embodies both elegant form and exceptional function, they offer the chance to have a bathroom essential that adds a touch of style, which when it comes to drains is no mean feat.

Discover more about Aquabocci linear shower drains www.aquabocci.com.au

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