Cosentino City

Cosentino launches their newest “City” in Melbourne


Cosentino, a global leader in sustainable architectural surfaces, has launched their newest showroom and ‘Cosentino City’ right in the heart of Melbourne.

With over 300 guests in attendance, the Melbourne showroom is the second “City” to open in Oceania, with the first location premiering in Sydney last year.

Cosentino City

Located on 460 Collins Street, the Melbourne showroom boasts over 535 square metres and will serve as a hub where industry professionals can streamline their design process through ateliers – the highlight of the Cosentino City experience.

“Something that Cosentino City Centres offer that other showrooms don’t is our Ateliers. These are designed to inspire designers, architects and homeowners but also support and facilitate their actual design process. We have a range of samples from complimentary brands and suppliers which means we essentially have a working library”, says Antonia Anderson, Cosentino City Centre Melbourne Manager.

Cosentino City Centres offer that other showrooms don't is our Ateliers

The ateliers feature all the characteristics and functionalities that have made each Cosentino City an iconic experience for every design professional who visits the space.

Upon entering, clients can use digital displays to explore Cosentino’s product catalogue, see exhibitions of facades and experience picturesque environments that showcase the versatility of Cosentino products. Clients will also receive a personalised service and a 360-degree view of projects to help them envision Cosentino within their own spaces.

clients can use digital displays to explore Cosentino's product catalogue

Itay Shimony, Cosentino Vice President and Head of Oceania likens the Melbourne showroom to a “live gallery”.

“We are trying to do two things [with Cosentino City]. On one hand, we are trying to show new applications. For example, on one side, you can see our products in samples and bigger formats. On another side [of the space], you will see the kitchen, which is usually the heart of the home and where families assemble,” he says.

over 300 guests in attendance

“So the concept here serves two purposes. One – to show all the different applications of our products. Two – to showcase our designs, showing our clients what we’re doing and working on all over the world. When you enter a Cosentino City, you’ll get that same feel.”

Indeed, the latest Cosentino City launch marks an exciting time for the family-owned Spain-based manufacturer. Just shy of achieving 50 successful years in the architectural industry, Cosentino continues to innovate the benchtop space and design industry at large through its brands Dekton®, Sensa®, and Scalea by Cosentino®.

Their next product launch is a collaboration with FormaPhantasma, a research-based design studio in Milan and Rotterdam renowned for incorporating ecological, historical, political and social inspirations into their designs.

Cosentino City Opening

“We’re working with them on a collection of sustainable products, using Dekton® as the raw material for our Silestone product. In other words, recycling one product to create the other,” Itay says.

Cosentino will present the exciting new collaboration at Milan Design Week in April.

By Aleczander Gamboa