How to make the most of your bedroom space

Whether your bedroom space is large or small, it’s important to make it your own. Whether you prefer the luxury look, or something more homely, there are many ways that you can maximise the space available in your room

Here are just a few handy ways to make more available space in your bedroom and get the room you’ve always dreamed about.

Keep the layout simple

When it comes to managing bedroom space, furniture placement is one of the most important considerations. A bedroom normally has a main wall best suited to where the bed should belong, and this will conserve space better than placing the bed in the middle of the room or at an angle.

It’s also best to place the bed in the centre of the wall rather than in a corner or against an adjacent wall, as this will make it easier to tidy and make the bed.

Choose the right bed size

As the focal point and namesake of the bedroom itself, the bed that you choose will have an enormous effect on the available space in your bedroom for anything else.

A good way to begin mapping this out is to use a measuring tape and map out your room on a piece of paper to visualise how a bed of your preferred size might look. In a small bedroom, it is best to choose a frame design that is low-profile and minimal to offer the most space possible.

Bed size and mattress size go hand-in-hand, and it’s important to consider your other priorities when making this decision. For example, will you be sharing the bed? Does a King Single need to be considered for extra length?

We love TEMPUR’s helpful mattress size guide which showcases a range of potential options to suit any bedroom.

Maximise under-bed storage options

While it can be tempting to use furniture for storage in the bedroom, underbed storage can often be a way to make the most of this commonly under-utilised space.

If you don’t have storage already, you can buy a new bed that includes drawers or other under-bed storage, DIY a storage solution to suit your current space, or raise the bed and add containers underneath. It helps to use storage which blends with the existing theme of the room so as not to draw attention!

Add lots of light

Dark colours and tones tend to absorb light, making rooms feel smaller. By contrast, light tones can work wonders in making a room feel much larger than it really is. In some cases, a feature wall can help add the illusion of depth.

Another great way to add light to a room and further increase space is to incorporate a mirror. Often, a single mirror, rather than a group, is the best way to achieve this. To maximise space, aim for a large mirror around eye level, and make sure it captures a light source to keep the room light and bright.

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