Five reasons why we LOVE a Silestone® quartz surface


Silestone® by Cosentino is a quartz surface with a sophisticated appearance; it has the feel and weight of natural stone but with superior quality. Comprised of more than 90% natural quartz, Silestone® is one of the most resistant and striking natural elements. Its colour consistency is unrivalled by any other natural stone.

Thanks to its technical performance and beauty, it can create the most beautiful kitchen worktop or most innovative commercial project. Silestone® is recognised for its extensive research and development, which includes the development of revolutionary products and processes such as N-Boost, an advanced finishing process, patented by Cosentino, that enhances the material’s physical appearance and stain resistance for easy maintenance.

Its excellent features make Silestone® the ideal product for the different areas of the home. Here are five incredible features of Silestone®:

1. Stain-resistant

As a non-porous surface, Silestone® is highly resistant to stains caused by everyday products such as coffee, lemon juice, vinegar or wine, guaranteeing very easy daily cleaning and maintenance.

2. Low absorption coefficient of liquids

The low level of fluid absorption facilitates cleaning and makes it long-lasting. Maintenance is very simple; therefore, giving you peace of mind.

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3. Hygiene

The low porosity of Silestone® quartz surfaces makes the material highly resistant to stains, easy to clean with low maintenance. Silestone®’s larger format allows the material to reduce the number of joints of any ambience, allowing for better hygiene and easier maintenance.

4. Hardness

The high impact resistance of Silestone®, which exceeds that of other materials used for similar applications (granite, solid surfaces, etc.), means that it can withstand extremely heavy objects with absolute confidence. This resistance is provided by the hardness of quartz, the elasticity of the polyester resin and vibro-compression system used in its manufacturing. Only diamond, sapphire and topaz are higher in hardness than quartz.

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5. Scratch-resistant

As Silestone® is manufactured in quartz, it is resistant to scratches. A great plus for any busy household!


Silestone® is manufactured using cutting-edge raw materials and is also extremely environmentally-friendly, as zero particles are emitted into the atmosphere during the manufacturing system and 98% of the water is reused in the process.

Silestone® also offers a recycled series named Silestone® Eco Line. This range of Silestone® establishes a new standard for sustainable construction and design. Composed of more than 50% recycled raw materials, Eco Line is designed to offer a truly environmentally friendly and sustainable product, which is certified by Cradle to Cradle, offering at the same time the highest aesthetic design and best technical performance.

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