Silestone® N-Boost: the nanotechnology below the surface

Introducing Silestone® N-Boost – a game-changing new technology that is at the forefront of a revolution in the field of quartz surfaces

The innovative new treatment process uses nanotechnology to modify the material at a molecular level, not only creating a more intense surface colour and brightness but also making cleaning and maintenance easier than ever.

“Innovation is in our DNA . In our R&D Department we work constantly for the continuous improvement of our products, because we are aware that the path to success lies through the development of technologically advanced materials. With Silestone® N-Boost we once again take a competitive lead in the market; to achieve the same result other manufacturers apply a sealant layer to the surface of the material, with the disadvantage that over the passage of time this wears out and stains eventually appear,” Valentín Tijeras, Product and Innovation Director of Cosentino says.

“The molecular fusion that we have obtained with Silestone® N-boost lasts forever. The spectacular brightness and intensity of colour we have achieved with this treatment process is without doubt yet another differentiating factor that continues to position us in the vanguard in terms of innovation in the quartz surface sector.”

The N-Boost treatment process alters the surface tension of the material, completely removing micro-porosity, giving the surface even more water-repellant properties and creating an even higher level of stain resistance. An even more vivid surface colouring is achieved through the way N-Boost technology enhances the light reflective properties of the Silestone® surface.

Cosentino are heralding the devleopment of N-Boost as the ‘Silestone® 4.0 Revolution’ – following the original launch of the Silestone® product in 1990, the creation of bacteriostatic protection for the material in 2005 and of the Suede matte Silestone® finish in 2012.

The inclusion of the new N-Boost technology complements the already established properties of Silestone®: the surface will remain as impact and scratch-resistant as ever, while also continuing to be versatile and manufactured in a range of large-size and custom formats. Silestone® also continues to be certified by Greenguard, granted by the United States Environmental Institute, and NSF, which guarantees its safety in contact with all types of food.

Silestone®’s new “Eternal” collection will be the first to include the N-Boost technology, as well as in Cosentino’s two new “Iconic” colours: Iconic White and Iconic Black. Over this year, the treatment process will be progressively included in across the entire range of Cosentino colours, and will be available in the complete range of thicknesses.

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