Designer Profile: Ross Goodman, Ross Goodman Designs

Designer Profile: Ross Goodman, Ross Goodman Designs


For Ross Goodman of Ross Goodman Design, harmony and balance are the keys to success

How did you get your start?

I began by working at one of Australia’s largest retail nurseries for a number of years where I gained extensive plant knowledge and experience. I also have formal qualifications in horticulture, landscape construction, landscape design and I am a registered builder.

Do you have a preferred style?

My designs tend to draw on Japanese garden design for inspiration and practicality. Japanese gardens are eye- catching with many different hues of colour and a great sense of balance. Also, the plant palettes tend to be low maintenance, which is important for time-poor Australian homeowners. Mainly, though, what I try to achieve is a lush retreat for each client — somewhere they can relax in tranquility and privacy, whether that means unwinding after work or entertaining friends. To achieve this, I pay close attention to every detail of the design to ensure a layout that is harmonious and balanced.

What is the ideal outdoor space?

It needs to be tailored to meet the clients’ specific needs, that way they will get the maximum use out of it. There are many features you can use but I like to incorporate fire pits, water features, spas, arbours, custom seating, outdoor lighting, pergolas, storage areas and more, all of which is possible even in small gardens. Plants are very important and, as a horticulturist, I have strong plant knowledge so am able to choose, with confidence, plants to suit any climate.

How important are garden shows?

They allow you to see what Australian designers are capable of and can be a great showcase for your work. I received a bronze medal at the Horticultural & Gardening Festival in 2015, which led to the garden being featured in many magazines. In 2014, I was commended at the Melbourne International Flower & Garden Show (MIFGS) for another display garden. In addition to that, I have worked alongside several gold medal-winning landscape designers at MIFGS. Showing your creativity is important, but so is reassuring people
of your professionalism, which is why I am a member of the Australian Institute of Landscape Designers & Managers and the Housing Industry Association.

What services do you provide?

Mine is a boutique studio that uses the latest 3D computer-aided drawing software, which allows me to present my plans as a model in animation. This helps clients visualise the design, the colour palette and the plant selection. I tend to specialise in modern inner-city landscape design and construction, so many of the gardens I create are small. That doesn’t mean these gardens need to skimp on features such as seating or sun protection, or even a spa or swimming pool, though. My company also custom-builds privacy screens and outdoor storage areas.

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