DIY: Natural Festive Wreath
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Make this decorative candle holder for your Christmas table

There are any number of fake table decorations available in shops, but it’s not hard to make your own using natural materials instead of plastic. Here’s is a simple guide to making an arrangement using a few materials from a craft supplies shop, a bit of foliage and some pine cones plus some repurposed Christmas tree baubles to finish it off. The natural wreath can be bought, but if you’re really crafty you can make your own from prunings.



Natural wreath

4 small terracotta pots

1 larger terracotta pot

Stones to fill the large pot

A strong, straight pole

Pine foliage

Eucalyptus foliage

Pine cones, painted silver if desired






Small silver stars

Larger silver star

4 small pieces of twig



Use lengths of string tied around small pieces of twig to attach the small terracotta pots to the natural wreath base.



With the wooden pole secured by stones in the large terracotta pot, attach a piece of string to the pole.

Use 4 equal lengths of string to suspend the natural wreath base from the wooden pole.


Weave pine foliage into the natural wreath base.

Weave eucalyptus into the natural wreath base.

Secure the painted pine cones and baubles with thread.

Fill the small terracotta pots with a candle, some moss and silver stars.

Secure a silver star to the pole using a fine ribbon.

Light the candles!

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