How an infrared barbecue can spice up your outdoor kitchen


Juicier steaks await! Discover the excellence and convenience of Crossray’s award-winning infrared barbecue range

Infrared is in vogue and Crossray are on the right wavelength with their range of super-smart barbecues. A decade of technical innovation and development has resulted in an unparalleled barbecue experience thanks to Crossray’s patented infrared cooking technology that creates efficient, even heat without flare-ups, leaving your lunch free from those dreaded hot and cold spots. Multiple options (gas and electric) and configurations (portable, in-built and outdoor kitchens) are available to suit all budgets and lifestyles. Crossray offers a better way to cook outdoors, with products that are built to last and use only the best materials. They’re perfect for all food types and cooking styles, from a low and slow roast to a quick, scorching sear.

Cooking with Gas

Offering the intensity and quality of charcoal with the convenience and control of gas, the gas-powered Crossray incorporates angled infrared ceramic burners and is available in two- and four-burner varieties. Best of all, the gas range grill is virtually self-cleaning, so no more back-breaking scrubbing the next time you use it! The Crossray gas barbecue is the only barbecue that can provide controllable, even heat from 110°C to 350°C+, while using 50 per cent less gas than a conventional barbecue. The two-piece upper-level cooking area provides 60 per cent more cooking space, so you can feed the whole family with ease. If you’re after a barbecue that makes you feel like you’re cooking over a bed of red-hot coals — and one that provides even heat without flare-ups — then the Crossray gas barbecue is for you. Barbecues are LPG as standard, but fully convertible to natural gas.

Electric Power

Plug in, preheat and prepare for a sizzling good time with the electric Crossray. As the most powerful electric barbecue on the market, each unit boasts unique high-intensity electric infrared elements (2x 750W). They’re constructed from stainless steel and fitted with a double-skin hood, so you can cook with the lid up or down. Dual-zone cooking with the grill and hotplate as standard ensures you can sear on one side and simmer on the other. An LED indicator with a 120-minute timer and 300°C safety cut-off will keep your cooking escapades safe and delicious year-round. Ideal for those looking to enjoy a traditional barbecue without the hassle and restrictions of gas bottles.

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