Let's heat things up

Let's heat things up
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Find out about the next generation in high-performance outdoor heating: introducing the HEATSTRIP Intense and more

Heatstrip Intense
Bring inside comfort outside with the new HEATSTRIP range of portable and fixed outdoor heaters

As the weather gets cooler, it might be tempting to retreat indoors — but you don’t have to. After all the hard work you’ve done to create the ultimate entertaining space, it would be a shame to desert it for a portion of the year. Bring inside comfort outside with the new HEATSTRIP range of portable and fixed outdoor heaters that will keep you toasty warm in the cold weather. The latest models include the new-look, freestanding HEATSTRIP Intense (THY)  electric heater, a portable LPG outdoor heater and a wall-mounted natural gas heater.

The new electric HEATSTRIP Intense can be used in two diverse ways — it can be portable or it can be fixed in place. The portable version, which is suitable for indoor use as well, comes with a modern stand that presents a stylish spin on the old portable electric stands. THY’s slimline stand is paired with a 2200-watt heater and the unit is ideal for spot-heating tables, alfresco areas, balconies, entertainment areas or work stations. In addition, the wheeled stand is resistant to corrosion, is IPX5 rated (which means it’s built to prevent water ingress) and has a concealed power cable to ensure a sleek appearance.

If you prefer, your new THY heater can be a permanent fixture, either attached to the ceiling or mounted to a wall and angled down. Mounting the HEATSTRIP Intense heater is easy — you simply use the supplied standard mounting brackets. With its stylish new hexagonal grille, this heater will be a design feature in your outdoor area, one that family and friends will admire.

Gas Wall Mount Scene V6

The HEATSTRIP Portable LPG outdoor heater (TGH34PL) is of world-leading design. Quality, heat performance and efficiency combine to provide a stylish, robust and elegant solution for any outdoor area, from balconies to patios. Comparable to the Intense heater, the Portable LPG has a durable, sturdy stand that discreetly conceals all gas pipes, bottles and connections, yet is still easy to move thanks to the well-placed wheels, leaving the heater with its unique sleek design to be the only focus. To guarantee safe operation, a protector grille and reflector come as standard inclusions.

With its easy-to-operate manual integrated piezo ignition, tilt safety switch and flame failure device, the Portable LPG heater can be moved with ease to target specific areas that you would like to heat. It also has high/low heat output control, offering greater flexibility. The Portable LPG heater is not only appealing to the eye, especially when viewed in contrast to the standard mushroom heater, it also offers significantly lower running costs. You’ll get a 25-per-cent saving on the high output and an 80-per-cent saving on the low output, while simultaneously enjoying a significantly higher heat output.

HEATSTRIP’s wall-mounted natural gas heater (TGH34WN) is a stylish addition to any outdoor area where natural gas is preferred. This heater has a world-class design, as evidenced in its all-black construction, and delivers high performance. It also comes with a standard wall-mounting bracket that allows for multiple mounting positions. Minimum mounting height for this unit is 2m. As a gas unit with a four-tile commercial-quality burner, this heater provides a high heat output of 34 megajoules, making it an excellent heater for commercial as well as residential applications.

All Heatstrip models are available nationally from Bunnings as well as specialty outdoor living, electrical and heating stores.


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