EK Outdoor Fireplace Kitchen: Grill then Chill

EK Outdoor Fireplace Kitchen: Grill then Chill
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Take your flame grilling and party hosting to the next level with the new Escea EK Outdoor Fireplace Kitchen

Fireplaces have a mesmerising quality; people just love sitting around them and watching the flames flicker. Imagine if you could combine the beauty of a fireplace with the ultimate flame grilling experience. Well now you can.

Escea’s latest outdoor release, the EK Outdoor Fireplace Kitchen, comes equipped with everything you need to achieve a smoky meat lover’s feast — an Ember Generator, 13-point adjustable cooking plates, grills and meat hooks. Best of all, once your cooking is done, the cooking grills can be hidden underneath a stainless-steel drawer, leaving you with a roaring outdoor fire to relax in front of into the small hours. It’s the ultimate focal point for your outdoor room. The EK Series features new technology that allows the fire to be attached to the home for greater indoor-outdoor flow. The EK brings the comfort of indoors out, seamlessly blending both your living spaces to give you the best of both worlds. Constructed from 4mm steel, this epic outdoor fire can withstand whatever you throw at it and is built to last.

The EK Series is available in three sizes: EK950, EK1250 and EK1550. When it comes to choosing which EK model is right for your outdoor area, Escea takes a client-focused collaborative approach to working with your architect, designer and builder by providing an in-house Architectural Advisory Service to help with plans and specifications. The company’s advisory team are available for advice on which EK model is best suited to your outdoor area in terms of aesthetics, performance and function.

This will allow the Outdoor Fireplace Kitchen to become an integral part of your design from concept stage, ensuring openings and flue runs are designed into the project early in the process.

With the perfect balance of form and function, Escea makes both indoor and outdoor gas and wood fireplaces in the deep south of New Zealand the best place to test the limits of heat and efficiency.

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