How to design your ultimate alfresco kitchen with Häfele Home!


While the majority of us are currently facing a lot of time at home, many have decided to start the home renovation they’ve been talking about for a long time. The South of the country is facing a few cooler months, but that shouldn’t stop us from transforming our outdoor area to a space we can’t wait to use on future warmer days!

Alfresco Kitchens are a perfect way to convert our back patio into a welcoming area to host social nights with friends and family. Now is the time to get this backyard ready for entertaining weekends or late summer nights with our loved ones in your beautiful alfresco kitchen.

Have you dreamed of transforming your back patio into a beautiful BBQ area, maybe even including a full Alfresco Kitchen? We understand! This season it’s your time to shine with a beautiful Alfresco Kitchen featuring essential Häfele products. European quality that everyone loves!

With four configurations, five colour doors and two colour granite benchtops to choose from, Häfele has a design and colour combination to suit your lifestyle.

Whether you only have a small space to fit it all in, or a more generous setting for your outdoor dining area, Häfele can help you to find all the essentials you need. We know, your Alfresco Kitchen will be the showstopper of all your upcoming dinner parties with family and friends!

First of all, make sure the appliances you use are made for an outdoor area. On Häfele Home we offer a small selection of outdoor appliances that are safe to use in your Alfresco Kitchen! Equip your outdoor area with all the essentials as you would inside to save walking back and forth throughout the night. No need to get your main kitchen messy too when you have all you need in your outdoor kitchen.

We love outdoor kitchens that include a sink. It makes life so much easier, believe us. So when you plan your outdoor dining area, don’t forget about functionality and efficiency. What might look more expensive at first (yes, we all plan outdoor areas on a budget), will pay off over time. Think about what you would like to improve in your current outdoor area and what bothers you most. Is it the constant walking inside and out because you forgot to bring plates or cutlery out? Need to get drinks out of the fridge? Give the glass a quick rinse or wash your hands? It can all be done in your outdoor kitchen!

As with all good kitchen designs, a full Alfresco Kitchen should include a couple of drawers for utensils, cutlery and/or crockery. To make sure your cutlery and utensils stay in place, we recommend stainless steel drawer inserts. They’re not just a popular choice for caravans but are also favoured in outdoor areas. Available in multiple sizes and models, they’re a great fit for any size kitchen.

From appliances to sinks to storage solutions, bring your alfresco kitchen up to scratch with Häfele. It’s not too late to get your outdoor area ramped up for summer.

Check out Häfele’s range of Alfresco Kitchens here.


StarTec Designer Series

This collection has always been synonymous with innovation and functionality. Now Häfele is offering an extended assortment of superior finishes within the collection. The StarTec Designer Series will now boast 5 superb finishes to choose from: Satin Stainless Steel, Polished Stainless Steel, Satin Brass, Antique Brass and Graphite Black.
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Upgrade your Home Office

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Häfele Overhead Storage Solutions

Häfele have some fantastic-innovative overhead storage solutions, which can modernise and maximise kitchen cupboard functionality by transforming a conventional cabinet unit into an ergonomic storage system.
How to perfect waste management in your home

How to perfect waste management in your home

With people becoming more aware of waste separation, Häfele has looked at how they can make recycling easy for themselves and their customers. It’s not just about separating recycling from landfill, Häfele offers various solutions that include more than two pails so you can easily separate your waste in the kitchen.
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