Why you should choose a glass fencing solution

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Why you should choose a glass fencing solution
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With a glass fence setup from Aqua Glass, you can enjoy an uninterrupted view of your garden or pool with a stylish, low maintenance glass fence options.

Aqua Glass fencing solutions are a stunning feature to any property and are made from toughened clear glass so as to provide a strong, safe and attractive fencing solution.

Unlike semi-frameless fencing that has pots between each glass panel, Aqua Glass’ frameless fencing offers a stylish continuation of your outdoor living space.

Naturally, some will have worries regarding the safety of an all glass fencing solution. Aqua Glass fencing’s products are manufactured with compliance to Australian safety standards, under strict quality control. The panels are crafted to be 12mm thick whilst being made from toughened glass making them highly unlikely to break unless handled poorly.

Aqua Glass’s fencing solutions create a sense of space whilst not obstructing your garden or interiors making it the perfect solution for an outdoor patio or pool renovation. It does not draw attention away from the outdoor design but rather compliments and accents that which is around it.

With its gorgeous rounded and polished edges a solution from Aqua Glass can often bring a polite increase in value to your property whilst also saving you maintenance time which would be necessary on a timber fence.

Aqua Glass Pool Fencing has over 20 years of combined experience in the installation and maintenance of frameless glass fencing. These solutions provide the safety and strength of a traditional fencing whilst retaining the clean aesthetic of your property.

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