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Aquabocci A30 Shower Strip Drain with Blade Shower Kit in Matte Black
Aquabocci A30 Shower Drain installed along the back wall with Aquabocci Blade Shower Kit across the doorway achieves a flush finish in Matte Black Colour.

But while a home’s initial design often factors in the most visible details like high-performance windows and doors, have you considered your choice of drainage such a strip drain?

Drainage is often considered one of the less-glamorous parts of any room design. That doesn’t mean it needs to be. Modern drainage can even be a feature of a wet area; shiny, sleek and stain-free while blending with tiles and fixtures. Better yet, the designs are built to last and will look as good as the day you installed them many years later.

Aquabocci are design leaders in drainage. Their original designs, in sleeker, slimmer aluminium, have led to a revolution in modern drain design. This has all helped to create a new look in Australian homes. One that’s sleeker, more sophisticated and streamlined.

These stylish strip drain designs will make you rethink grates forever. And we’ve explained why you should consider them for your next renovation.

Stunning strip drain designs for showers, pools, balconies and more

Aquabocci R47 Flush Threshold Drain Swimming Pool in Titanium Grey
Aquabocci R-47 Flush Threshold Drain installed achieves a flush finish to the Swimming Pool in Titanium Grey Colour.


Aquabocci A30 Low Profile Strip Drain Swimming Pool GT Silver
Aquabocci A30 Low Profile Drain installed around a Swimming Pool in GT Silver Colour

Strip drains are linear grate systems that allow large volumes of water to flow through. The simplicity of their design makes them an excellent choice for many areas of the home and garden. Their style allows them to be low on visual impact.

One issue with strip drains is that they can often become unsightly as time goes by. Aquabocci has devised a solution for this; opting for a slimmer and shallower layout than bulky alternatives. This means that they often stay unnoticed where other strip drain designs don’t. In fact, many of their drains cannot even be felt underfoot. A low-profile design also makes cleaning easier. Using the lifting tool to open the grate, it’s easy to enjoy the benefits of fast assembly when it’s time to put the drain back together.

Aquabocci’s strip drain designs are available in a range of widths and thicknesses. This means that no matter what area of the home, there is likely a size that suits the drainage needs of the space.

Aquabocci’s product range includes:

  • Blade Shower Kit – a 22mm slot drain that allows the water to disappear into the floor.
  • S66 Slimline series 66mm wide / 43mm deep
  • A30 Low Profile 120mm wide / 35mm deep
  • R-47 Threshold 66mm wide / 122mm deep
  • All New Design: the R-47 x Blade 32mm wide / 120mm deep
  • Blade-T External slot 22mm wide / 48mm deep
  • Blade Pivot slot 22mm wide / 22mm deep (fits in any location)

Adding colour to designer drainage to enhance a space

Often overlooked, drainage often lacks colour or offers reduced impact in a space – but it doesn’t have to. Aquabocci’s strip drain designs are available in four standard colours: matte Black, dark grey Titanium, anthracite shiny GT Silver, and warm Champagne. A wide colour range allows for creating a consistent look across all fixtures. This means that everything from balconies to showers benefits from co-ordinated colour choices.

Aquabocci Low Profile Drainage Products 4 Standard Colours
Aquabocci low profile drainage products are available in 4 standard colours.

A custom modular system that’s fast to assemble

A common issue in design is the need to sacrifice form in favour of function. Aquabocci has changed that with their modular system that balances style with ease of installation. The system connects straight lengths and corner pieces with connectors and end caps. Spigot outlets are attachable to the channel in any location for strategic placement. This flexibility means that the modular system works for most drainage layouts.

Aquabocci’s strip drain products are also designed so they can be cut to length on site. The modular system allows the use of offcuts in smaller areas, minimising wastage. This makes it even easier to add a strip drain to any area such as a patio or wet room. Once installed, the strip drains virtually disappear from sight, which enhances surrounding features. Additionally, all styles are watermark-certified, and safe from salt and chlorine.

Aquabocci offer more than strip drains, with collections on their website to suit many styles and needs. For those looking for practical details, there are even animations detailing how the modular systems work. They also offer free samples through your architect or builder. This will help you find the right shade and fit for your space.

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