Aqua Glass Pool Fencing

Aqua Glass Pool Fencing
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Take a look and see for yourself why “the best glass fence is the one you can’t see”

A necessity in any pool project, often the style of fencing chosen in any pool project can make or break the pool and landscape design as a whole. A perfect pool view can be interrupted by big, solid fencing that interferes with the rest of the design.

Aqua Glass Pool Fencing specialises in the supply & installation of frameless glass pool fencing & balustrades. Their range of pool fencing styles allow the perfect, uninterrupted view while still having the safety and strength of a traditional pool fence. This is thanks to their12mm toughened glass, which meets Australian Standards. With standard glass sizes ranging from 100mm to 2100mm plus custom panels to suit, there is a style and size to suit almost any project, from pool fences to balconies and stairs balustrades.

Aqua Glass Pool Fencing use marine grade 316 stainless steel magnetic keyless latches and soft self-closing hydraulic hinges where needed to provide highly-functioning gates and Duplex 2205 stainless steel spigots. Plus, their glass protection service offers the ideal way to prolong the life of any outdoor glass installation.

Glass Protection for your pool fencing

Untreated glass is porous. This means that, over time, it will absorb foreign matter from the environment around it. This causes the glass to deteriorate, become etched and even discoloured. An easy-clean glass coating will ensure that the glass can be easily maintained and even enhanced.

The coating used by Aqua Glass Pool Fencing is invisible, scratch and abrasion resistant. It is also 100 per cent UV stable and chemical resistant, making it perfect for indoor and outdoor environments. Not only does it protect glass pool fences, shower screens, balustrades, external windows and the like from the harsh Australian conditions, it also reduces the need for harmful and expensive cleaning products.

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