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Bream Innovation
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A newcomer to the Australian market, Bream Innovation Pty Ltd is a small Australian company run and owned by a qualified Australian Electrician. Noticing that there was a gap in the market for smart benchtop power outlets and USB power solutions we introduced the PowerTower. Our company goal is to deliver innovative and affordable electronic solutions to the Australian public. Focusing initially on the PowerTower we aim to expand our product line in the future so watch this space!

About the PowerTower

It was noticed that there was a gap in the market for smart benchtop power outlets and USB charging/power solutions, so we created the PowerTower.
The PowerTower sits flush with your benchtop when not in use, and does away with outlets, cords and chargers on the side of any normal island bench.

The PowerTower contains:

About Bream Unique Lighting

“During my time as an Electrician, I have found the most interesting aspect of my work has always been when I’m creating bespoke lighting for my clients. Switching the newly created lights on for the first time at the end of a project gives me great satisfaction and one of  the reasons I love my work.

“Being in the industry I am constantly surrounded by commercially mass produced lighting with no real character or story.

“Together, my wife Lesley and I source the raw and often reclaimed materials for each lighting project throughout Australia and Europe. Each piece is carefully considered, unique and meticulously handmade by myself, one thing the Army taught me is attention to detail. I hope this is shown through the quality of each light. Although the lights may be made up of reclaimed materials, all the electrical accessories associated with each light are brand new and meet all Australian standards.

“What we have created is a small family of handmade bespoke lighting which can be customised to suit your own project if needed. There are a number of one off lights and a few which if required can be replicated to fulfill any custom order for a project.

“We are more than happy to discuss any custom lighting ideas you may have for your next project.” – Gabriel (Gabe) Humphris-Tovlatou, Founder of Bream Innovation

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