If the kitchen is the heart of the home then…Gaggenau is the soul of the kitchen

“Aspiring to enable private chefs to bring their visions to life, we develop tools of the highest quality, bridging innovation with intuition. Crafted from puristic materials as stainless steel and glass, they embody a true design statement. A symbiosis of tradition and avant-garde. A mark of simplicity and authenticity.”Sven Schnee, Head of Global Brand Gaggenau.

Each of our ovens will satisfy the most demanding of private chefs, with reassuring professional touches at every turn. As with honey still in the comb, there is the promise of a truly authentic culinary experience. Each chef wishes to express themselves a little differently – seasoning, timing, temperature; every recipe is personalised. What is required from us is excellent performance, lifelong quality and bold designs.

Driven by principles within the professional kitchen, inspired by the needs and experiences of the professional chef; we have introduced the same senses and standards into the private home with our ovens 400 series. The bold lines of solid stainless steel and glass, standing proud of their background are unmistakably Gaggenau.

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