Heliocol Solar Pty Ltd is a specialist Pool Heating company. We supply a range of pool heating systems including solar pool heating systems, gas heaters, electric heat pumps, and pool covers

The company commenced operations in Australia in 2002 and is now well established across Australia through company office /warehouses in Brisbane and Sydney as well as a network of qualified distributors from Cairns to Perth.

Our systems have been installed on domestic pools as well as commercial projects, with hundreds of Council pools, Hotel and resort pools, swim centres and schools all enjoying a heated pool using one of our solar, heat pump or gas heating systems.

We use three brands of solar heating – Heliocol, SunValue and SunX; all manufactured by the World’s largest manufacturer of solar pool heating equipment. Our heat pumps and gas heaters are manufactured by Rheem right here in Australia and our range of pool covers and rollers are provided by Daisy, another well know Australian manufacturer of pool equipment.

In addition to supplying a full range of pool heating equipment, Heliocol also offers a full design and installation service, using factory trained technicians.

Quality products, professional advice and installations, staff who care about achieving the right solution for the client and some of the best warranties in the industry, are all part of the Pool Heating experience with Heliocol Pool Heating.

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