With the hectic rush of the 21st Century hammering down on our everyday lives, COVID has taught us to slow things down a bit.

Life doesn’t have to be all GO-GO-GO and there is no better way to de-stress your life than with your very own personal space to relax and unwind.

Now, what exactly does this have to do with us at Kingdomes? Well by providing you with your very own Man Cave/She-Shed in the form of our amazing geodesic dome structure of course. Spacious, durable, relaxing and versatile, our domes are equipped to handle multiple uses including the options to add individual rooms such as bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen areas, entertainment areas etc. The only limitations to our structures are your imagination.

Kingdomes is raising the ceiling (literally) on light structures with our wide range of long-lasting, high-quality Geodesic Domes. Sizes range from 4 to 10 metres in diameter with floor space of up to 78.5sqm. With the ability to be set up on a permanent basis thanks to its highly durable, strong materials and range of accessories to keep you and your guests cozy all-year-round, feel comfortable knowing that our domes come with a 5 year warranty.

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