Made By Pen (Pen) is an Australian design studio that creates original, innovative and architecturally inspired products. We partner with Australia’s most inspired designers, architects and makers to transform an idea from pen and paper through to the global market.

We are motivated by progress, our homewares are designed to make the places we work, live and play more functional, beautiful and evolved. We are Made by Pen.


This is our belief, and it reflects our core value system – To deliver meaningful, authentic, and quality designs which imbue goodness – that is a reflection on us here at Pen. We achieve this by delivering a product range which has a positive impression on our customers. We believe that the process of providing this to be good, so we have spent time immersing ourselves with good people from our designers right through to our production partners. And we sincerely hope that everyone that interacts with Pen will be more than happy too.


We believe good design is quality, impactful, and relevant. Our homewares are purposeful and created for where there is need.
We are motivated by delivering an Australian-designed product collection which has a positive impression on our customers.    A range that allows them to buy once, buy well.

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