For over 50 years Premium Sound has existed in many forms, changing and adapting, always with the needs of the customer in mind.

We stand by our promises of impeccable customer service, offering the best quality products in the market and a showroom experience based on spending time and freedom of choice.

Premium Sound St Kilda has been established in Melbourne since 1975, providing quality products to the Australian market. It prides itself on the company’s intrinsic values of innovation, respect, integrity, excellence, passion and customer value.

The store has highly trained staff, which are able to demonstrate, install and service the complete range of Bose products to the highest professional level. We have designed professional sound systems for many applications, including stadiums and auditoriums, houses of worship, retail businesses, department stores and restaurants.

Our trained staff have many years experience in planning every type of home audio solution and will assess your needs to ensure you get the system that is right for your home. Pick a time to shop that is convenient for you, and we will have one of our specialist walk you through the store for a personalized shopping experience. Itis a great way to learn about and try our products. Take as much time as you need, with no obligation to purchase. Call us on 03 9534 2673 to schedule an appointment, or just come in and we’ll be delighted to show you around

About Sonos

Sonos makes it easy to play what you love—music, podcasts, films, shows, audiobooks, radio and more—and share it out loud with the ones you love.

With a bold vision for the future of home sound, Sonos have painstakingly invented the technology needed to make it a reality.

 About Bang & Olufsen

Founded in 1925, Bang & Olufsen has a rich heritage built around a relentless determination to innovate beyond the imagination.

Today, every Bang & Olufsen product is still characterised by a unique combination of beautiful sound, timeless design, and unrivalled craftsmanship.

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