To Help You Sleep Better, Longer, Deeper

Our dream was to create a mattress like no other. It all started at NASA in the 1970s when scientists developed temperature sensitive material to absorb the pressure experienced by astronauts during lift-off. We’re the only mattress and pillow officially recognised by NASA for improving quality of life.

Inspired by technology, we’ve spent decades perfecting TEMPUR® Material, so it actively adapts to the weight, warmth and movement of every individual. We’re always innovating and developing new technologies in search of a better night’s sleep.

TEMPUR® is a sleep worth investing in. We understand the way you sleep is as unique as you are, so finding the right mattress, pillow, or bed system is a must. The moment you lie down feels like pure magic as the cells instantly respond to your body’s shape, weight and warmth, precisely adapting and aligning to every inch of you. Our sleep experts, designers and engineers have spent decades innovating to create the best night’s sleep.

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