About Zane Solar Pool Heating

Zane Solar Pool Heating specialises in created heated pools that can be enjoyed all year round.

By harnessing the natural power of the sun, you can now experience the benefits heated pools offer.

We offer specially customised heating solutions to residential, commercial and Olympic swimming pools. Zane’s integrated solutions are independently tested to meet exacting Australian Standards. Our cleverly designed roof tile brackets and fixing clips, also means our system does not need to be drilled into your roof tiles.

Zane is the preferred solar heating choice for Australian pool owners.

Our range includes:

Solar: Zane harnesses the free energy from the sun to create beautiful warm water, enabling you to spend more time relaxing or exercising in the pool. Visit our website to find out about our Comparison panel/stream, Gulfpanel or Gulfstream systems.

Heat Pumps: We offer the latest generation of Waterco heat pumps that extract heat from the air and cost very little to run.

Gas Heaters: Fast, efficient, compact, quiet, safe and eco-friendly.

MORE FROM Zane Solar Pool Heating:

Solar: Energy-efficient pool heating

Unlike other pool heaters on the market, solar pays for itself in just a few years. After the initial setup cost, the ongoing running expenses are minimal as heat is provided free from the sun. This enables you to increase the amount of time you spend in your pool without worrying about expensive energy bills.