Zip Industries is a privately owned, proudly Australian business that has been manufacturing and marketing Australian designed and made instant water systems since 1947.

Headquartered in Sydney, Zip Industries has offices in Canberra, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth and Darwin. A network of more than 300 trained service technicians provides installation, maintenance and service nationwide.

During the 1960s Zip expanded its range of over-sink boiling water heaters catering to canteen, restaurant, factory and office kitchens. This didn’t just change the way we all do business, it changed the way we drink water. No more sitting by the kettle, no more waiting for a coffee. Before long, Zip over-sink boiling water heaters were sold in more than 70 countries around the world.

Zip offers a range of pure tasting, instant boiling or chilled, and sparkling water within the comfort of your own home. The Zip HydroTap was first introduced over 10 years ago and in that time it has developed a reputation of unparalleled quality.

Zip also specialises in solutions for office and corporate environments. Crystal clear, pure tasting, boiling, chilled and sparkling filtered water can increase your water intake and your wellbeing. That means happier employees and sharper minds, increasing morale and productivity.

Zip are proud to offer only the highest quality products and services and be recognised for their innovation worldwide. As part of Zips dedicated service, a nation-wide fleet of trained service technicians are available around the clock to tend to your filters, parts, and general maintenance.


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