P-Series Washing Machine

FeatureA Touch of Teak

Utilising raw materials, such as the pebble stone floor and concrete basins and bath, we carefully selected each piece to create a seamless blend of styles in a soothing colour palette.


BathroomsKOHLER Veil Intelligent Toilet

Explore the sleek design and features of the KOHLER® Veil intelligent toilet including one-touch remote control, a seat that automatically opens and closes, and a stainless steel wand with three personal cleansing sprays–front, pulsating, and spiral–for the ultimate comfort.
Designer Doors for your dream kitchen

BathroomsDesigner Doors for your dream kitchen

Designer Doors Plus acknowledges the importance of a dream kitchen, which is why the company strives for the highest-quality doors on the market and superior after-sales service