E-Book: Poolside Showcase Product Guide

FeatureThe Perfect Fit: Your ultimate guide to small pool design

Although pools are getting smaller, their lifestyle value is still as big as ever. Complete Home Expert and principal of A Total Concept Landscape Architects + Swimming Pool Designers John Storch explains everything you need to know about small pool design

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ProductsA sauna for everyone

Enjoy a sense of calm and wellbeing with your iHealth Full Spectrum sauna. By utilising the full spectrum, iHealth Saunas are able to mimic a similar infrared light that we get from the sun. By remaining close to nature, our body interprets this light more efficiently, which is prime for optimal health.

ProductsiHealth Saunas are made for city living

This compact sauna from iHealth Saunas solves the problem of having little space to work with. This sauna when contracted takes up a mere 60 x 80cm, and is the smallest sauna in Australia - perfect for those who live in an apartment.