Bathroom Luxury

FeatureA Touch of Teak

Utilising raw materials, such as the pebble stone floor and concrete basins and bath, we carefully selected each piece to create a seamless blend of styles in a soothing colour palette.

Bathroom Luxury

BathsNext Level Bathroom Luxury

While powders can be a lovely addition to the bath, it’s the in-built luxury of spa jets that elevates the cleansing ritual to the level of self-care.
Matte Bathware

BathsThe Magic of Matte Bathware

A matte-white finish can be truly magical. It can transform a bath and leave it looking as if it’s made from a solid surface.
Bathroom Master Showroom

BathroomsThe Bathroom Master Showroom

Hardware & General first opened as a corner hardware store in 1960, and has expanded along Winbourne Road, Harbord Road and Pittwater Road and more.

BathroomsDecina: Providing quality since 1989

Australian-owned and -operated since 1989, Decina has made more than one million baths in that time in its Queensland factory. The company manufactures and supplies high-quality bathroom wares including innovatively designed toilets and basins

BathsYour Own Private Day Spa

There’s something about this bathroom that conjures up the feeling of being at a day spa.Perhaps it’s the timber panelling on the walls.