Bathroom drainage: what to consider


The importance of choosing compliant and conforming products in bathroom designs is critical for its required functionality

When designing your dream bathroom, drainage can often feature far down on the list of priorities and while cutting corners can be tempting, shaving margins off by buying cheaper, low-quality products will end up costing more in the long run – and not just in a monetary sense.

The Plumbing Code of Australia does not advise on particular brands or products leaving the onus of checking a product’s suitability firmly with the consumer. A low price point is a hugely attractive feature but what elements do these ‘bargains’ conceal?

Products demonstrating reduced flexibility can signal low quality, as they are only relevant for general applications. A cheap solution also suggests a lack of testing, or a short research and development period, which could lead to problems later down the line.

Unfortunately, the lasting impact of cheap alternatives may be completely unforeseen by those who have invested in them. Reduced flexibility, for example, could lead to the need to rework existing plumbing. Like cheap products from any sector, it is probable that less costly drainage systems will result in a shorter lifespan, thus reducing the customer’s value for money. If drainage systems are not suitable for the job required, it may result in damage, not only to the system, but also to the building it is incorporated in. In the worst-case scenario, if a drainage system is found to be non-conforming and non-compliant, it may need to be replaced entirely.

Stormtech provides a range of choices to suit a myriad of drainage possibilities. From linear shower drains to threshold drains, Stormtech can even design products to suit specific situations. In the case of drainage, sometimes the corrosion resistance needs to be higher in some project than others. This comes into play in areas such as chlorine environments and sea-front buildings. Stormtech’s use of Grade 316 marine grade stainless steel illustrates its dedication to a higher quality of material. All Stormtech products are WaterMarked and have US UPC and Canadian CSA approval. Stormtech offers the only linear drain product in the world with Global GreenTag™ certification to help with GreenStar credits. Stormtech works with regulators, legislators, end users, trades and distributors to develop problem-solving products.

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