Saving space: a freestanding bath


This back-to-wall bath capitalises on even the smallest of spaces without compromising aesthetics

Caroma has the knack of coming up with truly functional yet luxurious products to put the “WOO” into any bathroom. Tapping into consumer desire for a freestanding bath that won’t eat up valuable space, they’ve come up with the Aura back-to-wall bath — a product that combines the decadence of a freestanding model with all the practicality of a fitted bath.

Available in three sizes, this fabulous design capitalises on even the smallest of spaces without compromising aesthetics.

Keeping up with all things European, the Caroma line of Artisan basins reflects the freshness and simplicity of Nordic style. Each of the seven options available in the range features the latest trend of keeping the basin rim slim, sleek and totally sophisticated.

Toilets and technology aren’t usually words that appear together but, thanks to Australian know-how, Caroma can boast one of the most efficient and hygienic toilets in the world: the Urbane Cleanflush Wall Faced Suite.

The unit features a rimless bowl that removes germ hideouts, and the flush and flow innovation of Cleanflush technology provides a more powerful whole-bowl clean.
Team any or all of these products with Contura three-piece tapware, suitable to use with all of Caroma’s bathroom collections, to complete the contemporary look at the same time.


Originally in Kitchens&Bathrooms Quarterly, Volume 23, Issue 4