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Your bathroom shouldn’t just be a place of function — it should also be a place of beauty. We love this contemporary room with those stylish finishing touches.

Modern and minimalist, this bathroom boasts light, white tiles and cabinetry that make the footprint of the room feel larger than it actually is. This also allows the tapware to shine. Gunmetal Faucet Strommen tapware is used as a hero feature, with a medium-grey finish and satin-velvet look with strong lustre. The appearance of this tapware changes from bright grey to dark grey depending on how the light falls on the finish, offering an interesting dynamic. Quality materials ensure this finish won’t change tone over time. The electroplated gunmetal finish is available on nearly the entire range of Faucet Strommen products, allowing you to coordinate all the tapware in your home. Of course, as with all Faucet Strommen products, it comes with a five-year warranty against peeling and flaking.

Designer Rebecca Jansma for Space Grace & Style

Coordinate tapware throughout your home to add a sense of cohesion.

The gunmetal finish on the Faucet Strommen Pegasi collection — what a great way to feature this elegant tapware.

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Originally in Kitchens & Bathrooms Quarterly, Issue 26 Vol. 4