Discover How You Can Transform Your Space With These Reno Ideas


It’s time to take pride in your home this winter and be inspired by these stylish designs!

1. Home Vacation Style

 living space should reciprocate the warmth

Your living space should reciprocate the warmth you crave this winter. Use of colour and material is a fantastic way to give you that home away from home feeling. Bright browns highlighted with oranges, reds and greens framed in whites and creams creates a room made for relaxation and warmth.

2. Watch this Space

clashing colours can add a lot of visual texture

The use of clashing colours can add a lot of visual texture that can often be lost when renovating. When your living space has a strong colour present in its features, there are some fun ways you can make the space pop! A great look in any living space, make it more engaging and enticing to the senses.

3. The Perfect Home Office

feel bigger and more inviting

When you’re working with a small space like a home office, there are many clever techniques you can use to make the space feel bigger and more inviting than it is. Adjustable uplights’ are a great addition to any home as they create an ambiance without taking up any space at all. If you are wanting to focus and generate conversation, a cool uplight will help your eyes perceive details and perform tasks much easier. For a more relaxing option, choose warm lighting to create a cozy ambience. The Haiku Uplight by Big Ass Fans can help you achieve this with its 16 adjustable settings!

4. Show off Your Style

bold Haiku fan

In your next renovation, save time planning a whole room and instead focus on a centrepiece. Having one dynamic item in your space to work off like this bold Haiku fan can showcase the inspiration you need and also create a talking point for your guests, whether it be due to its size, placement or colour.

5. Invite the Outside In

 living space in your home adjacent to porch or verandah

If you have a living space in your home adjacent to a porch or verandah, then you have a wonderful opportunity! Big, glass sliding doors are a fantastic way to open up your home and create a seamless indoor-outdoor flow. A great way to add more space to your home and make it look good!

6. A Fireplace to Suit Your Style


Do you have a balcony that you don’t want left unattended over cold winter season? Installing a fireplace is a great way to enjoy the outside views in warmth and comfort. Consider using firewood stacked under or near your fireplace as additional décor to the space.

7. A Nursery for Winter


With winter quickly approaching, there are many changes to your nursery you can make to ensure they stay warm and are still in a space that incites love and imagination. The Haiku L by Big Ass Fans is a great addition to this space due its engineered silence so as not to disturb any dreamers in the room, whilst keeping air moving for comfort.

8. The Simple Things in Life

Rugs are a great option

Sometimes a reno isn’t a major overhaul, but rather, a simple addition to an existing space. Rugs are a great option if you have tiled or wooden floor boards as they take up no practical space whilst being able to tie colours of the room together. With winter coming in, rugs are a much more comfortable alternative to your existing floor.

9. Colour Matching for the Perfect Result

Colours in matching pairs are a strong way to define your next renovation

Colours in matching pairs are a strong way to define your next renovation. Warm brown and soft shades of white for instance are an aesthetically pleasing combination while providing you with clear artistic direction and offering a good variety of installation options. The use of wood is perfect during winter due to it’s greater thermal mass as it allows greater heat retention and keep temperature from fluctuating too quickly.

10. Sprucing up your Living Space

sprucing up your living space

When you’re at the stage you want to start sprucing up your living space, there are a few creative ways to make it feel more enticing. Matching an art piece with some subtle additions to the space can really light up a room and give it that extra design detail. This can be an affordable and fun way to make a room feel more intentional and artsy without going over the top.

11. A Space for Gathering

 creating a space of gathering

With social distancing a thing of the past, your next renovation should consider creating a space of gathering! Setting up a coffee table with chairs and a couch or two near it makes for a great use of space and looks just as welcoming.

12. It’s Found in the Texture


For your next renovation, it is time to bring back the feature wall. But gone are the days of using printed wallpaper. Instead consider texture and natural materials like brick or wooden panels. This will provide depth and dimension to your space on a small scale.

13. Creating Flexible Spaces


Who doesn’t love storage and more entertaining space?! Creating flexible spaces that can be more than one area are here to stay. By utilising natural light and blended cabinetry from wall to ceiling , you can really capture the size of the area and also allow for ample storage.

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