Enjoy Uninterrupted Indoor and Outdoor Living Access


Enjoy uninterrupted indoor and outdoor living access with Stormtech’s threshold drain. This clever device makes moving from inside to out easy.

The Stormtech threshold drain was designed to eliminate the “slip and trip” hazard caused by stepdown partitions. The low-profile design features a linear stainless-steel drainage system with a concealed channel section for door tracks and thresholds. The external linear grate sits flush beside the door track in alignment with the ground surface. An integrated, concealed sub-sill collects water and condensation from around the doorway, conveying it to the external drainage system.

This drain fits a majority of doors found in Australia. It integrates elegantly into sliding door tracks, bifolds and hinge doors and is compatible with products from major door manufacturers. There are seven different styles of grate design to choose from.

Best of all is the knowledge that the Stormtech threshold drain is a tried and tested product. It is access and mobility compliant according to AS 1428, and it was designed with a team of specialists who work closely with specifiers, architects and builders to ensure their product meets the needs of the market. Custom drainage designs are also available.

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