New Generation Cork Tiles


Whether you’re installing a new floor, or replacing an old worn out one, cork is the natural choice.

It offers the most benefits and huge versatility in its application.  With the warmth of carpet, the elegance of hardwood and color selection of floating floors all rolled into one, you can’t go wrong!

About New Generation Cork

New Generation Cork is an exclusive cork flooring tile distributed by Cork Imports Australia. Using advanced pre-finishing technology, our cork tiles are simple to install without the hasell of sanding and polishing. You now can enjoy all the acoustic, thermal and environmentally friendly  benefits of a cork floor in an exciting new range of patterns and colours.


Originally a custom made pattern and colour for a luxurious hotel in Brisbane, Calais Cream and Calais Alloy have become a popular choice for architects, interior designers or those looking to renovate. Add a little luxe with the Calais Cream or Calais Alloy to your floor.


A small island south west of Portugal our ‘Madeira’ cork tile is a celebration of large chunks of cork offset by finer agglomerated cork that is bound to give your room the statement it deserves.


Possibly one of the most popular patterns of cork tiles in Denmark, the Copenhagen tile is the bigger brother of the Traditional cork tile. Chunkier in appearance to its little brother, Copenhagen highlights the larger grain pattern in cork.


One of our most unique cork tiles ‘Harmony cork’ offers a chequered structure with varying shades of cork colour sure to excite any room, hallway or kitchen.


Our traditional cork tile historically has set the standard to which all tiles are compared to. Available in a raw cork tile or as apart of our New Generation Cork range the traditional cork tile has been enjoyed in Australian homes for decades and continues to be a popular choice today.


Showcasing rustic and somewhat burnt characteristics, our Autumn cork tile offers a new and dramatic look to any floor. Whether it’s a darker flooring colour you desire or a floor that will make your white kitchens and walls pop with contrast, Autumn cork is a tile to consider.


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