Radiant Elegance: Unveiling Vibia ARRAY with Koda Lighting


Introducing the latest addition to Koda Lighting’s designer collection: Vibia ARRAY, a collaborative masterpiece between Vibia and the renowned designer Umut Yamac.

As your premier distributor of premium lights in Sydney and Melbourne, they are delighted to showcase this exceptional creation that goes beyond being just a light—it’s an artistic exploration of the potential of threads to craft ethereal sculptures of light.

A Contemporary Play of Threads and Light

ARRAY represents a breakthrough in contemporary lighting, seamlessly merging artistic design with cutting-edge technology. This pendant light features an interplay of threads suspended between two aluminium rings, forming an array of conical and cylindrical silhouettes. These shapes can be creatively combined to construct compelling installations for both commercial and residential spaces.

Umut Yamac’s Aesthetic Marvel

Umut Yamac’s artistic prowess shines through in the Array collection, where layers of technically processed thread are transformed into majestic, three-dimensional volumes that seemingly shimmer overhead. The delicate threads are gracefully balanced by aluminium rings, creating a lightweight yet substantial form. The solid and translucent nature of the cord lines alters perceptions of volume, weight, and depth, providing a fresh and unique spatial experience.

The Mesmerizing Dance of Light and Shadows

What sets Array apart is its captivating interaction with light. By combining soft downlighting with an enchanting upwards glow, a concealed light source within the lower ring bathes the threads in an ethereal radiance, producing a breathtaking gradient effect. The interplay of light with the tone and texture of the threads creates a moiré pattern, giving the illusion of movement and vibration—a truly mesmerizing visual spectacle.

The Mesmerizing Dance of Light and Shadows

A Versatile Statement Piece

Designed to make a striking statement in various settings, Array is available in three different heights and various shapes, with the largest reaching an impressive two meters in height and 124 cm in diameter. This versatility ensures that Array seamlessly integrates into any space, adding a touch of modern elegance and brilliance.

Elevating Your Decor

The matte black aluminium rings of Array perfectly complement the soft hues of the threads. Choose from warm terra red, sophisticated sober green, or neutral beige, allowing Array to effortlessly integrate into various contemporary palettes. Whether you seek to create a cozy ambience or make a bold design statement, Array offers the flexibility to enhance your decor in style.

Embrace the Future of Designer Lighting

Incorporating Vibia’s ARRAY into your interior lighting design is more than a purchase; it’s an investment in artistry, innovation, and the ambience of your space. As Koda Lighting’s proud offering, they believe that this pendant light will not only illuminate your surroundings but also inspire your imagination for lighting ideas and home decor. Embrace the future of designer lighting with ARRAY—a modern masterpiece seamlessly blending form and function, bringing your space alive with the dance of threads and light.

Discover ARRAY with Koda Lighting.

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