The Ultimate Guide to Buying the Perfect Fan for Your Room


Functional and Stylish, a ceiling fan can add a statement piece to your home whilst also being practical.

Keep your home feeling fresh all year round by discovering the perfect fan for the right room.


Big Ass Fans Bedroom

  • The bedroom is a great space for the essentials and functionality of a fan. Choosing a more timeless design such as white will create a thoughtful, contemporary look whilst also blending seamlessly into its background. 
  • As bedrooms are smaller, the fan should be too for energy efficient airflow and ensure the right output for the sized room (with a more accessible price point!).
  • Consider fans that come with warm LED Light options and compatible with app or voice integration for ease in control at night if it gets too cold, or too hot.

The Haiku L by Big Ass Fans in 1.3m is a timeless design, with sleek lines and permanent magnet motor for whisper-quiet, energy-efficient airflow. With the ability to run on a timer, Haiku L can mimic a gentle breeze and adjust for optimal sleep.


Big Ass Fans Living Room

  • It’s time to make a statement! With more space to work with, and more airflow required, making your home ceiling fan a masterpiece will impress visitors while keeping the room cool and comfortable. 
  • If a statement is too much and you are looking for a modern aesthetic, look for ceiling fans in matte white, black or natural materials such as bamboo. Considering this simple design choice will elevate the space, and tie another stylish element into the room.
  • A sleek ceiling fan does not require sacrificing functionality. Fans integrated with a range of settings such as monitoring perfect temperature, or motion sensors allow for that continuous, fresh feeling day and night. 
  • For tall or sloped ceilings, it is important to also consider mounting options to ensure the fan hangs low enough to distribute effective airflow. This can be done by choosing longer down rods, and the type of mount fitted to the ceiling.  

The Haiku Range by Big Ass Fans offers sleek, black finishes or contemporary Moso Bamboo options. Engineered with cutting-edge smart home technology, and more than 75 international awards attesting to its quality, Haiku is the perfect choice for a living room


Big Ass Fans Outdoors

  • For fans of the outdoors, go big or go home to increase comfort in hot, humid, summer months.
  • Choose aircraft-grade aluminium blades with stainless steel components and industry leading IPX5 rating for maximum protection from outside elements. 
  • Safety features are also important – ensure your outdoor fan can safeguard against over-spinning or misalignment in heavy winds.

The Essence fan by Big Ass Fans is built for fresh air, covering large patios and pavilions. The wet-rated, direct drive motors offer a virtually silent operation in even the harshest weather, while its stainless steel components resist corrosion. 

From bedrooms, living rooms to patios and pavilions, each room deserves air movement that makes a difference both in functionality and design. 

Ready to discover the perfect fan for your room? Download the Big Ass Fans’ Design Guide here.

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