Do you have a gourmet kitchen?

The rise and rise in the popularity of shows such as Masterchef has seen an increase in the amount of attention paid to our kitchens at home as we strive to create such culinary delights as seen on the show.

In a press release today, Mr Adam Sleigh, the Chief Executive of Australia’s largest kitchen retailer and supplier, Kitchen Connection (, says Australian consumers are increasingly seeking alternatives to the traditional style of kitchen layout.

“The traditional kitchen with the sink, cooktop and refrigerator located against the walls and a dining table in the middle of the room is changing,” Mr Sleigh said. “More and more of our customers are looking at design features such as central island benchtops which contain cook tops and sinks, while new surfaces, colour and lighting are providing choices that were unimaginable a few years ago”.
“The enormous popularity of celebrity chef and cooking programs has sparked a new generation of home cooking enthusiasts who want their kitchens to be as functional and stylish as those in top-rating shows.”

So…what’s your kitchen like? Is it as ‘gourmet’ as you’d like? If you could change something about your current kitchen, what would it be?