Lovely white kitchen that is also functional


The owners of this abode needed a new kitchen that was to be relocated from their upstairs quarters to the lower level of the home.

The new kitchen needed to work with the existing exposed brick and all the natural colours and textures of its surrounds.

With little to no bench space or storage, these elements had to be addressed to create a functional cooking environment. Its transformation now allows for baking, meal preparation, a spot to sit and work — as well as ample room for the grandkids to help nan and pop with the cooking.

Generous storage drawers and cabinets have been included, making cleaning a breeze as everything has a place. Despite an existing beam that had to be worked with, the new kitchen has achieved a bright palette in all its white glory, and clean lines that are pleasing to the eye. All the newly selected finishes pose an effortless and natural atmosphere that complements the original materials
of the home.

Design Tracie Platz
Build Timo Veijalainen

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