The Valentina Collection by Sirius: an Island Solution

The Valentina Collection by Sirius: an Island Solution


Sirius has recently launched the new Valentina Collection – a luxury selection of rangehoods under the Sirius label

Australian kitchen design is including more islands and more window feature splashbacks. These really do create a statement piece of the kitchen but they also create functional design issues.

When an island is featured, designers need to take into consideration water supply and waste outlets for sinks and dishwashers, power for appliances and placement of filter taps. The most easily missed are the ducting and power requirements for the rangehood.

Traditionally, bulky ceiling-mounted rangehoods dominate the overhead area of an island, negating the feeling of open spaces that designers are striving to create. Because of this, Sirius has designed solution hoods such as ceiling cassettes that do not require power and ducting in the island itself but above in the ceiling space above. This is much easier for builders to incorporate. Sirius has five styles to choose from.

The other alternative which is gaining popularity is the downdraft. Whether incorporated into an induction cooktop, or a stand-alone unit that can be partnered with either a gas or electric hob. Induction downdrafts are a Sirius speciality, and they have been a staple of our ‘Island Solutions’ range for over a decade. Sirius focuses only on rangehoods, becoming specialists and innovators in a rapidly changing market. We are so confident in our efficiency and reliability that we have increased the warranty bonus for using Sirius ducting from 1 year to 3 years, giving customers a total 6 year warranty on their Sirius rangehood.

The Valentina Collection: Features

The whole collection features 4 Speed recirculating motors – meaning ducting is not required. They can also be run to clear odours, with auto-switch off functionality.

Cabinet solution (downdraft):

Downdraft rangehoods are a great way to extract air if you want to avoid overhanging hoods. Sirius has several models in the Valentina collection that can be built in to island cabinetry that can ventilate or recirculate smoke. One great advantage of downdraft rangehoods is their ability to retract when not in use to save space.

The Sirius range of downdraft rangehoods are available in black and white finishes and multiple sizes to suit any space, and with 4-speed extraction, a stainless steel body and 10W LED lighting strip they are a stylish and functional addition to any kitchen.

The SDDH3: Induction meets Rangehood

The SDDH3 is an induction cooktop with an integrated rangehood in the centre. It can be installed into island cabinetry, and ducted externally or recirculated. The low profile means that it doesn’t obscure the view across the counter, creating a more open and spacious feel in the kitchen.

The technology of the induction cooktop is significant, with a single cut-out design including a sleek-bevelled edge, a touch slide control and pot detection sensors. Combine two heat zones to cook on larger pans with flexi-zones and bridging technology. An SEM12 Offboard Motor, included as standard, allows for powerful extraction.

The SDDH3 also includes an easy to clean induction surface and special preset programs including warming, melt and simmer for specific cooking activities and an easy to clean induction surface.

Downdraft hoods have a variety of different ways they can be ducted:

– When attached to the SEM10 motor – which sits below the downdraft, under the cabinetry – the air can be vented externally, or recirculated within the room.
– The SEM10 motor is the solution if you are retro fitting or have a concrete floor you can’t dig through.
– The SEM10 allows you to direct the airflow in two directions, dispersing the air evenly for quieter operation.

Company History:

Sirius was established in 1996. Sirius has spent the last 18 years developing and refining top end exhaust solutions. Sourcing the best components and designing the most practical, stylish and functional hoods for all applications, Sirius pride themselves on being at the forefront of the market. Sirius exports over 90% of production to all around the world for the leading brands of appliance manufacturers.

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