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Mowbray Public School has received phase one of a welcomed upgrade, with a stylish new building and outdoor areas finished earlier this year — thanks in part to Futurewood’s cladding and decking products.

Cladding was installed on the front and side of the new building, a stand-alone deck was constructed at the back of the school, and shade battens were added to the outdoor eating area.

Due to the school’s open, park-like environment, its grounds are subjected to the complete gamut of Sydney weather conditions so it was crucial that the cladding and decking were exceptionally resilient.

In addition, it was essential that the products installed could withstand the degree of wear and tear that the combined energy of hundreds of primary-school-aged children would subject it to. Made primarily from recycled materials, Futurewood’s cladding and decking products are low-maintenance — they won’t rot, split or cup and are extremely durable. Not only has this minimised upkeep of the school, but the sustainable materials also help to remind the students of the benefits of conservation and recycling.

In addition to being cost-effective and low-maintenance, Futurewood decking and cladding have given the school an urban, contemporary aesthetic, much to the delight of the architects, staff, parents and students. The incredible quality and durability of Futurewood decking and cladding has meant the school can withstand anything that comes at it — rain, hail, shine or kids.

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Originally in Backyard, Issue 14.3

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