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The best double-glazed windows and doors are offered by Miglas, who manufacture their products in Australia.

Miglas creates low-maintenance, energy-efficient, and thermally stable window and door systems by fusing the benefits of both timber and aluminium windows. This one-of-a-kind double-glazed window and door system gives you complete architectural freedom with various styles, sizes, and colours while offering comfort and protection throughout the year in the harsh Australian climate.

Miglass Manufacturing Plants

Miglas History

Miglas created a separate business within their already successful company in 1986 with the express purpose of developing and concentrating on sustainable double-glazed windows and doors as a result of a passion for embracing energy efficiency.

That occurred more than 25 years ago and made Miglas the front-runners in their sector. The chance to use cutting-edge new technology was presented. Miglas was the first to use AliClad composite timber-aluminium framing, the first to incorporate and use high-performance hardware made for double-glazed windows and doors, and the first to focus their business exclusively on windows and doors designed to address our environmental challenges.

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Today’s Miglas products are still leading the market and evolving. Both their ability to meet any architectural challenge posed by project requirements and the “Miglas Difference” are constants.

Miglas has a long history of producing high-quality wood and wood-aluminium windows and doors. Wally Miglas founded the business in 1968, and it has been run and owned by the Miglas family for three generations.

To create energy-efficient, high-performance windows, Miglas founded a separate business in Montrose in 1985. As a result of its success, Miglas is currently wholly based in Montrose and only produces double-glazed goods.

Miglass solar power

By introducing the AliClad line of windows and doors to the Australian market in 1994, Miglas became the first company to recognize the benefits of combining timber and aluminium framing.

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Continuous research and development are essential to Miglas. With investments in cutting-edge production machinery, our products continue to develop and maintain market leadership while delivering the highest levels of quality and performance.

Miglas finished brand-new showroom facilities and factory additions in 2006.


High-performance Miglas products are the result of collaboration. Our employees are highly skilled and knowledgeable in their respective fields, enabling them to provide excellent craftsmanship and advice.

The Miglas story is one of continuous innovation, growth, and development. Miglas is proud that its products add comfort, protection, and style to your home because they were created in Australia for Australian conditions.

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