Showroom Magazines for Home Show Rooms and Display Centres

Apply here to get copies of the very latest home magazines delivered to your home show room for free when they are published.  Universal Media Company provide these magazines free-of-charge to upmarket show rooms throughout Australia. To get your hands on these showroom copies, then please click the purple button below:


These magazines are provided free-of-charge on the understanding that they are put out on display in the showroom and not sold or used for some other purpose.  Applications are usually checked and then accepted if the applicant is a suitably on-brand upmarket showroom.  We will check in from time to time to make sure you’re happy with the service.

Why display magazines in your home showroom?

  1. Magazines are great props for stylists – they convey a sense of the display being ‘lived in’.
  2. Magazines convey a sense of the lifestyle that you want to portray
  3. By putting the magazines on display you are associating your brand with the magazine brand

Orders for specific editions of home magazines

If you have been featured in a particular edition of a magazine and would like bulk copies, contact our Dealer Sales Service who will seek out the edition you are looking for and make copies available at a very reasonable price.

Universal Media Company

This service is provided by the Universal Media Company who offer Australia’s largest range of home magazines.