KingsBottle is a recognised global brand who specialise in high quality wine and beverage refrigeration. Free standing beer and wine fridges, front-vented units that can be built directly into cabinetry.

KingsBottle have always believed in treating your bottles of wine like royalty. More than a decade of research with constant testing and improvements has enabled us to create the perfect refrigerated wine cellar. Careful analysis of our competitors’ products has led our team to develop units that are both functionally superior and more pleasing on the eye.

We have expanded on our wine preservation expertise with quality beverage refrigerators. KingsBottle offer beverage coolers designed to meet the rigours of Australia’s harsh climate whilst also offering sleek style and durability. These units have been designed to complement any room of the house whilst providing outstanding performance and reliability.

KingsBottle stands by our 100% satisfaction guarantee with a 2 full year manufacturer’s warranty including 3 or 5 year warranty options.

Unbeatable value, performance, and reliability make our coolers fit for every King, Queen and Castle.

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