Your Own Private Day Spa


There’s something about this bathroom that conjures up the feeling of being at a day spa.

Perhaps it’s the timber panelling on the walls, adding a sense of warmth and a connection to nature that is often overlooked in the bathroom. This material is then continued in the vanity and even around the double mirrors for a cohesive finish.

Maybe the day spa feeling is founded in the generous proportions of the room. Largeformat tiles complement this bigger space, with the subtle marble finish on the walls adding detail that doesn’t dominate.

It could just be that the day spa vibes come from the architectural planning and the choice of feature. Clever detailing has gone into the room’s footprint, with an almost separate area designed to showcase the hero of the space — the gorgeous Bucciano bath from BelBagno.
This freestanding bath is made from highquality marble and acrylic composite material, and reinforced by fibreglass, meaning it is strong and durable, yet luxurious. The stunning matt finish has a 10-year warranty, ensuring it will truly stand the test of time.

We love
The gorgeous Bucciano bath from BelBagno.

But that’s not our favourite thing about this feature piece. We just adore the Bucciano’s unique oval shape, which walks the line between contemporary and country and comes out on top. It’s simple to clean and install and is roomy in nature. It is all too easy to imagine sinking into it and relaxing after a long day at work. If that’s not day spa worthy, we don’t know what is.

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