Modern Masterpiece


Though this beautiful modern bathroom is now spacious, bright and luxurious, this was not always the case. The home’s original bathroom was a cramped affair, featuring dated materials and a shower-over-bath configuration.

When the homeowners approached Better Bathrooms & Kitchens for a well-deserved renovation, they requested their new space exude a luxurious hotel spa aesthetic with a relaxed feel. To meet this brief, the dividing wall was removed to open up the space and the depth of the existing linen storage area was reduced. The bath and shower combo was removed and a large, luxurious walk-in shower was integrated instead.

Highlight windows were included in the new space to allow natural light to flood the bathroom. A front- and back-lit mirror was installed to add interest and increase the spacious feeling. The choice of tiles can make or break a bathroom; in this case, the earthy tones selected have accentuated the room’s spa haven aesthetic. Matching floor and wall tiles were selected to create cohesion, and the tiles were extended all the way up to the ceiling.

The end result is a modern bathroom that oozes luxury and encourages relaxation.

Designer Matthew James
Built by Garrett Hebden and the Better Bathrooms & Kitchens team
Photographer Patrick Redmond

WE LOVE The luxurious walk-in shower.
FEATURE FOCUS Heating IXL ceiling unit.

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Originally featured in Kitchens & Bathrooms Quarterly Issue 27, Vol 2.