Kitchen Synergy


Renovating your kitchen can result in a room that has all the modern conveniences but misses the harmony the rest of your home enjoys. Keeping the style and synergy of your house intact should be a major factor when considering a room update. For the owners of this kitchen, that was a real concern. Martin and Jen have been living in this home for 23 years. They have raised their children in this space, shared many emotional moments around the kitchen bench and prepared more than 50 dinner parties at the old stove — and, as Jen says, that’s only if you count the events where there were more than 30 people in attendance. With so much emotional energy captured between these four walls, it was important their renovation maintained the magic of their old home while offering an update.

Thanks to the team from Cantilever Interiors, this was achieved. Convenience was a priority for the couple. The kitchen was 23 years older than when they first moved into the home — but so were Martin and Jen. With the previous kitchen design proving limited, access was becoming more of a challenge. This was taken into consideration by Cantilever; higher cabinetry was easier to access and the induction cooktop is simple to operate.

The downdraft is an absolute dream to clean when compared to the bulkier old-style rangehood. Integrated timber shelving offers an opportunity for Jen to display her collection of mid-century teapots and teacups, which also allows the homely theme to carry through, ensuring the kitchen feels like a continuation of the existing space.

The terrazzo benchtop does a similar job. Not only does it look incredible and reflect the couple’s artistic bent, but it mirrors the existing terrazzo that was poured when they first put the bathroom floor in — terrazzo that is still on display today.

The Cantilever team was very sensitive to the couple’s needs when it came to matching the style of the home with the new kitchen. Working within the existing footprint also meant there were sustainable and financial benefits to this choice, with the resulting space offering added convenience as well as stunning good looks.

Designer Cantilever Interiors
Photographer Martina Gemmola

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Originally featured in Kitchens & Bathrooms Quarterly Issue 27, Vol 2.