Shower Perfection

Experience Shower Perfection in Your Bathroom


Relaxation. Cleanliness. Joy. All this can be yours when you shower with GROHE’s Rainshower 310 SmartActive Cube.

Stepping inside this shower is an experience. It offers two distinct modes: the soothing GROHE PureRain spray and the stimulating GROHE ActiveRain spray. One is like pure rain falling on your skin; the other, an experience that massages and washes away your shampoo all at the same time. Enjoy either or a combination of both with the simple touch of a button thanks to GROHE’s SmartControl.

In fact, SmartControl allows you to effortlessly influence every aspect of your shower, from the water flow to the heat level to the spray pattern. Whether you opt for the concealed or the exposed control panel, you’ll be able to alter the flow, spray and temperature with incredible speed and precision.

A lack of clutter enhances relaxation, and GROHE knows this — in fact, it’s why their showers are minimalist in design, ensuring all you’re thinking about when you’re in the shower is washing the stresses of the day away. This pared-back aesthetic is combined with the dazzling appeal of chrome to give your space the touch of modern luxe it deserves.

It’s no surprise that this most joyful shower experience is brought to you by GROHE, Part of Lixil, a company dedicated to making better homes a reality through meaningful design and technology, everywhere and every time.

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