In hot water: bathroom sustainability
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We look at four ways to decrease your energy bill while keeping your bathroom running smoothly

A sustainable kitchen is often characterised by lower electricity use, but an environmentally friendly bathroom will have energy-efficient appliances and systems that cut down on water wastage too. Here are some ways to achieve just that.


A daily luxury we’re all grateful for is the shower. Whether it’s to wash away the efforts of last night’s karaoke or a quick scrub to start the day fresh, Australians are known for their love of an exhilarating shower. An efficient showerhead can halve the amount of water used, dropping it to roughly 9L per minute. These water-saving devices not only save you money, they also protect the environment. This switch to efficiency is almost undetectable, so you can still enjoy the water pressure.



Limiting how much water is used and evaluating the excess is crucial in any sustainable space. A classic water-saving option, dual-flushing toilets do wonders in cutting down water usage. Half flushes are sufficient for most trips to the loo and will still thoroughly clean the basin of your porcelain throne. Keep an eye out for any leaking components, replacing or blocking them immediately to reduce wasted water and keep costs down.



Changing your tap to a low-flow or faucet aerator is reasonably cheap, and you can make your money back quickly in what you save in water costs. Look for tapware that has a high WELS star rating, as this rating reflects how much water you use and therefore conserve.



Bathrooms are known to feel colder than other rooms in the house. The disparity between the steam of a shower and the cool air, an abundance of tiles and poor insulation all contribute to making this space more chilly. The result is higher energy bills due to the use of heat lamps or air conditioning. Window insulation is an investment that can be surprisingly effective in keeping warmth in and cool mornings out. You can breathe easy in a warmer bathroom that lowers the risk of mildew or mould, and makes for a more comfortable overall bathroom experience.

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