The Perfect Day


Picture this: you wake from a deep sleep, well rested and ready to start the day. You make your way into your ensuite and from there things only get better.

A striking marbled feature wall welcomes you, the pattern not so bold as to be jarring but still focusing your attention on the hero of the room — the enticing oversized shower. This spacious feature reminds you that luxury awaits in your very own home.

Once you’ve washed, a towel from the heated towel rail will again reinforce that those little luxuries truly have the power to alter your mood. All the lotions and potions you need are within easy reach thanks to the gorgeous custom-made double vanity topped with a striking Caesarstone benchtop, with just the right amount of veining to add interest to the space without overpowering it.

All this could be yours if you build your bathroom with Ultimate Kitchens & Bathrooms. They created this space which truly meets the owners’ brief for relaxation and luxury.

In this home, an old broom cupboard was removed to extend the footprint of the shower, making the already sizeable wash zone even larger. Indulgent materials such as those used in the benchtop and feature tiles are subtle heroes that play into a monochromatic colour scheme, with oversized floor-to-ceiling white tiles the perfect practical backdrop to the rest of the room. Simple black mixers also complement the aesthetics of the space.

Designer Beata Brzozowska for Ultimate Kitchens & Bathrooms