The Art of Heating


When the cold winds of winter swirl around your home and a chill seeps through the tiny crack under your door or the frame around your window, you need a quality heating device to battle this frosty onslaught.

You want something reliable, safe, locally made, and, of course, energy efficient. Enter the new range of gas log fireplaces from Cannon. The Latitude 1000 (1 metre long) and Latitude 1500 (1.5 metres long) are the stylish new additions to your home that won’t just look stunning with your contemporary décor — they will work well too.

These products are specifically designed with today’s popular open-plan living styles in mind. Their clean lines and wide viewing windows are visually stunning without being too brash. The floating plinth design elevates the fire bed to highlight the hypnotic view of the flames as
they dance from the logs underneath — what could be more relaxing that that?

Of course, it’s the Cannon Latitude range’s heating capacity that makes it truly impressive. These products offer that bone-deep warmth only a fire can bring. They also feature room-sealed technology via power flue operation, resulting in clearer air, safer operation and flexible installation options.

The Cannon Latitude range is designed and manufactured right here in Victoria’s Geelong. And, with a 4.4-star (Cannon Latitude 1000) and 5-star (Cannon Latitude 1500) rating, they’re energy efficient too. There’s never been a better time to try Cannon.

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