Tried and tested: foot spas

Tried and Tested: Foot Spas


Deeply cleansing and hugely relaxing, a foot spa can transform a night in front of the tele into a soothing spa haven. We’ve put four foot spas to the test to give you the rundown on these luxurious products

THE RELAXER – 4.5/5 stars

V2 Pe2884 Footspa Lemongrass & Lime Machine And Foot Care Copy

A relaxing experience, the Planet Earth foot spa PE-888 worked a treat in making my feet feel brand new. The model offers three settings to sit back and unwind in, all complemented by the massage rollers attached to the base of the product. This helpful feature ensures that with a simple glide of your feet, any soreness can be slowly rolled away. Each setting was useful for different aspects of the foot spa, my favourite being the third setting, which kept the water warm, glowed with infrared lights for blood circulation and bubbled beneath my feet. While the bubbles were activated, there was a bit of noise but for an almost silent soak, the second setting kept the water warm and lit with infrared lighting. The clever design of the machine was apparent from the way the bubbles rose from a strip beneath the massage rollers, ensuring my feet had maximum exposure to all the features of the product. Overall, I enjoyed the Planet Earth foot spa, the various functions it offers and the accompanying lemongrass and lime care products, which ensured a spa-like experience.
Planet Earth Foot Spa PE-888, $50,



Unbenannt 1
Featuring massaging rollers underfoot, bubbles that were streamlined around the outer edge of my feet and two infrared lights that maintained the water temperature, there wasn’t much to complain about with this product. The foot spa also offers a vibrating massage function, a lovely aromatherapy container and three additional clip-on tools — a brush, massage fittings and callus remover — ensuring my experience was relaxing and undoubtedly rejuvenating. The size of the model and base roller on each side meant the reflex zone of my feet was comfortably covered, but the rollers didn’t quite reach my toes or the back of my heels. I used the three clip-ons by hand, which left my feet exfoliated and soft. This stylish foot spa was equipped with a handy carrying tool, which made moving the unit once filled with water even easier. Fantastic for a good, aromatic soak, this foot spa cleansed my feet in a delightful fashion.
Foot Bubblespa with Aromatherapy FB35, $99.95,


THE FULL REFRESH – 3/5 stars

Fb 251
For a cleansing experience that covers the tips of your toes to your heels, this foot spa is effective. A quieter machine, the engine noise was still present with the bubbles switched on but I could comfortably watch TV or converse with family. The slightly deeper tub immersed my feet and kept the water toasty warm. The foot spa had bubbles, vibrations and heating functions, as well as a practical pouring spout to empty the water with ease. The two underfoot massage rollers on each side meant I could roll the entire foot, but the larger size of these rollers made it a little tricky to easily utilise this function. Comfortable and enveloping, this machine also comes with fine and coarse pumice stones to both exfoliate and polish.
An enjoyable foot spa, this product was efficient and comfortable.
Foot Spa with True Heat FB251, $99.95,


THE DETOXIFIER – 4/5 stars

Direct Release 1
A different experience to the rest, this ionic foot spa is re-energising and naturally detoxifying and is primarily used by naturopaths and day spa practitioners. The simple and clear instructions ensured I could use this machine at home, sitting back and enjoying the 30-minute course to soothe and detox. The Array — the bridge between the low-level electrical current and the water — is the key element of this machine, resulting in a reaction that increases the ionisation effect to generate positively and negatively charged ions. I noticed the change in water colour soon after placing the Array in the water and activating the machine. A rapid and effective detoxifier, the product supports the body’s natural equilibrium and is soothing to use.
Direct Release Ionic Foot Spa Pro Unit II, $415.90,

Originally in Kitchens & Bathrooms Quarterly, Volume 25 Issue 3